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Abdel-Haleem, Muhammad (2020) 'البالغة في دراسات العربية في الغرب وأثرها في دراسة القرآن - تجربة من بريطانيا.' Journal of the Academy of the Arabic Language in Cairo. (Forthcoming)

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Amodu, Nojeem (2020) Free Zones, COVID-19 Lockdown, and ‘the Morning After’. Blog Post [Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs]

Amoah, Michael (2020) French Troops in Africa. French Troops in Africa [Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs]

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Amoah, Michael (2020) How African presidents rig elections to stay in office. OUP Blog [Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs]

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Alavi, Seyed Ali (2020) The Iranian pre-Revolutionary Leftist Relations with Palestine. In: Thirteenth Biennial Iranian Studies Conference, August 2020, University of Salamanca-Spain. (Forthcoming)

Abdelnour, Mohammed Gamal (2020) The Islamic Theology of Interfaith Marriages between Theology, Law and Individual Ijtihad. Singapore: Nanyang Technological University.

Alavi, Seyed Ali (2020) Lecture on the book Iran and Palestine. In: Lecture on Iran and Palestine, University of Oxford. (Unpublished)

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Bhatia, Jasmine (2020) Literature review : Drugs and (Dis)order in Afghanistan. London: SOAS.

Buehler, Michael (2020) MCC Indonesia Procurement Modernization Project Evaluation - Final Evaluation Report. Bethesda: ABT Associates.

Badosa Roldós, Albert (2020) 'The Mirror Effect : Identity And Minorisation Among The Quechuas And Amazighs In Catalonia.' The SOAS Journal of Postgraduate Research, 12 (2018-2019). pp. 4-19.

Becchetti, Leonardo and Salustri, Francesco and Scaramozzino, Pasquale (2020) 'Nudging and corporate environmental responsibility: A natural field experiment.' Food Policy. (Forthcoming)

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