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Ash, Bob and Fell, Dafydd (2023) Chu Yun-han: Influential political scientist, promoter of Taiwan Studies and Sinology in Europe. Taiwan Insight [Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs]

Albert, Michael (2023) 'Climate emergency and securitization politics: towards a climate politics of the extraordinary.' Globalizations, 20 (4). pp. 533-547.

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Adhya, Raahi (2023) The Fantastic World of the Bengali Roopkatha: Unpacking Gender, Generation and Genre. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

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Abdel-Haleem, Muhammad (2023) 'A Foretaste of the final shock: no enigma in the oaths; Problems of translation; A study of Qur’an 79 and 100.' Journal of Qur'anic Studies. (Forthcoming)

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Augspurger, Jens Uwe (2023) “In Yoga, we are connected!” Examining the Fabric that makes Belonging. Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies. Available from

Adib-Moghaddam, Arshin (2023) Is Artificial Intelligence Racist? The Ethics of AI and the Future of Humanity. New York: Bloomsbury.

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Akinlotan, Mayowa (2023) 'Premodifiers and a scarcity-productivity hypothesis in Yorùbá: Does the scarcity of adjectives influence productivity of the premodification slot?' Southern African Linguistics and Applied Language Studies. pp. 1-17. (Forthcoming)

Adams, Kathleen and Bloch, Natalia (2023) 'Problematizing Siloed Mobilities: Tourism, Migration, Exile.' In: Adams, Kathleen and Bloch, Natalia, (eds.), Intersections of Tourism, Migration, and Exile. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 1-30.

Abdel-Haleem, Muhammad (2023) 'Rasm (Qur’ānic Orthography): The Written Representation of the Recited Text of the Qur’ān.' In: Karim, F. Redhwan, (ed.), History of the Qur’ān: Critical Concepts. Markfield: Kube Publications. (Forthcoming)

Adamson, Fiona B. (2023) 'Re-Spatialising Migration Governance: From "Multi-Level" to "Entangled".' International Migration. (Forthcoming)

Augspurger, Jens Uwe (2023) Reflections on Spiritual Tourism and Journeys of Self-Discovery with Jens Augspurger [interviewed by Daillen Culver and Megan Douglas]. GoWithBeDo. [Audio]

Axelby, Richard and Thakur, Vikramaditya (2023) 'Relational Marginalisation: Comparing Scheduled Tribe Gaddi in Himachal Pradesh and Bhils in Maharashtra, India.' Sociological Bulletin. (Forthcoming)

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Atas, Ahmet (2023) Resistance, Loss and Grief: The Implications of Melancholy in Modern Kurdish Novels. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Arab, Roya (2023) 'Review of: Hemmasi, Farzaneh. 'Tehrangeles dreaming: intimacy and imagination in southern California's Iranian pop music'. 264 pp., illus., bibliogr. Durham, N.C.: Duke Univ. Press, 2020. £22.99 (paper).' Journal of the Royal Anthropological Institute, 29 (1). pp. 228-229.

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Boulos, Taroob (2023) Breaking the Silence: Pain, Torture, Resistance and Bearing Witness in the writings of Palestinian Prisoners of War and Administrative Detainees (1967 2004). PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

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