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Ayele, Sehin Teferra (2016) Agency and sisterhood: a feminist analysis of Ethiopian sex workers' experiences of, and resistance to, violence. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London.

Achcar, Gilbert (2016) 'Al-Ashqar Yashrah al-Rabi‘ al-‘Arabi wa Intikassatahu [Interview].' Qantara .

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Achcar, Gilbert (2016) 'La France en « guerre contre le terrorisme » ou le retour du choc des barbaries [Interview].' Mouvements (9 Feb).

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Akcasu, A. Ebru, trans. (2016) Letters to the author: late-Ottoman debates about equality between the sexes, an extract from Halil Hamid’s Müsavat-ı Tamme. The SOAS Journal of Postgraduate Research, 9 (2015-2016). SOAS. pp. 68-72.

Achcar, Gilbert (2016) 'Ma Damat al-Qiwa al-Taqadummiyya ‘Ajiza ‘an Tashkil Bada’il Qawiyya wa Haqiqiyya Sanabqa fi Dawwamat al-Azamat [Interview].' Anfass al-Dimuqratiyya .

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Agyeman, Nana Ama (2016) A descriptive grammar of Efutu (southern Ghana) with a focus on serial verb constructions : a language documentation study. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London.

Ali, Nimo-ilhan (2016) The growth of higher education in Somaliland : implications to the higher education–Development nexus. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London.

Al-Mubarak, Ghalia (2016) An investigation of sociolinguistic variation in al-ʾAḥsāʾ Arabic. PhD thesis. SOAS, University of London.

Ahn, Dongzoon and Yeon, Jaehoon (2016) 'kososel tamlon uy kyepohak: wiliem sukhillentu <kotaysosel> uy yenkwusacek uyuy (Genealogy of the Discourse on Korean Traditional Novels: A Study on the Academic Significance of Professor W. E. Skillend's <Kodae Sosol>.' The Nammyonghak Study (The Journal of Nammyong Studies), 52. pp. 121-170.

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