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Tian, Peipei, Feng, Kuishuang, Sun, Laixiang, Hubacek, Klaus, Malerba, Daniele, Zhong, Honglin, Zheng, Heran, Li, Dan, Zhang, Ning and Li, Jiashuo (2024) 'Higher total energy costs strain the elderly, especially low-income, across 31 developed countries.' Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 121 (12). e2306771121.

Liu, Baobao, Feng, Kuishuang, Sun, Laixiang and Baiocchi, Giovanni (2024) 'Does interstate trade of agricultural products in the U.S. alleviate land and water stress?' Journal of Environmental Management, 354. p. 120427.

Tian, Peipei, Feng, Kuishuang, Zheng, Heran, Hubacek, Klaus, Li, Jiashuo, Zhong, Honglin, Chen, Xiangjie and Sun, Laixiang (2023) 'Implementation of carbon pricing in an aging world calls for targeted protection schemes.' PNAS Nexus, 2 (7). pgad209.

Wang, Hetong, Feng, Kuishuang, Wang, Peng, Yang, Yuyao, Sun, Laixiang, Yang, Fan, Chen, Wei-Qiang, Zhang, Yiyi and Li, Jiashuo (2023) 'China’s electric vehicle and climate ambitions jeopardized by surging critical material prices.' Nature Communications, 14 (1). p. 1246.

Hu, Guangxiao, Feng, Kuishuang and Sun, Laixiang (2023) 'Multiscale Analysis of the Relationship between Toxic Chemical Hazard Risks and Racial/Ethnic and Socioeconomic Groups in Texas, USA.' Environmental Science and Technology, 57 (5). pp. 2019-2030.

Hu, Guangxiao, Feng, Kuishuang, Sun, Laixiang and Baiocchi, Giovanni (2022) 'Tracing toxic chemical releases embodied in U.S. interstate trade and their unequal distribution.' Environment international, 171. p. 107681.

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Zhao, Dandan, Hubacek, Klaus, Feng, Kuishuang, Sun, Laixiang and Liu, Junguo (2019) 'Explaining virtual water trade: A spatial-temporal analysis of the comparative advantage of land, labor and water in China.' Water Research, 153. pp. 304-314.

Wang, Shaojian, Fang, Chuanglin, Sun, Laixiang, Su, Yongxian, Chen, Xiuzhi, Zhou, Chunshan, Feng, Kuishuang and Hubacek, Klaus (2019) 'Decarbonizing China’s Urban Agglomerations.' Annals of the American Association of Geographers, 109 (1). pp. 266-285.

White, David J., Hubacek, Klaus, Feng, Kuishuang, Sun, Laixiang and Meng, Bo (2018) 'The Water-Energy-Food Nexus in East Asia: A Tele-connected Value Chain Analysis Using Inter-Regional Input-Output Analysis.' Applied Energy, 210. pp. 550-567.

Prell, Christina, Sun, Laixiang, Feng, Kuishuang, He, Jiaying and Hubacek, Klaus (2017) 'Uncovering the spatially distant feedback loops of global trade: A network and input-output approach.' Science of the Total Environment, 586. pp. 401-408.

Liang, Zhuoran, Tian, Zhan, Sun, Laixiang, Feng, Kuishuang, Zhong, Honglin, Gu, Tingting and Liu, Xiaochen (2016) 'Heat wave, electricity rationing, and trade-offs between environmental gains and economic losses: The example of Shanghai.' Applied Energy, 184. pp. 951-959.

Duarte, Rose, Feng, Kuishuang, Hubacek, Klaus, Sánchez-Chóliz, Julio, Sarasa, Cristina and Sun, Laixiang (2016) 'Modeling the Carbon Consequences of Pro-environmental Consumer Behavior.' Applied Energy, 184. pp. 1207-1216.

Yang, Huiyi, Dobbie, Steven, Ramirez-Villegas, Julian, Feng, Kuishuang, Challinor, Andrew J., Chen, Bing, Gao, Yao, Lee, Lindsay, Yin, Yan, Sun, Laixiang, Watson, James, Koehler, Ann-Kristin, Fan, Tingting and Ghosh, Sat (2016) 'Potential negative consequences of geoengineering on crop production: a study of Indian groundnut.' Geophysical Research Letters, 43. pp. 1-10.

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White, David J., Feng, Kuishuang, Sun, Laixiang and Hubacek, Klaus (2015) 'A Hydro-economic MRIO Analysis of the Haihe River Basin’s Total Water Footprint and Water Stress.' Ecological Modelling, 318. pp. 157-167.

Prell, Christina, Sun, Laixiang, Feng, Kuishuang and Myroniuk, Tyler W (2015) 'Inequalities in Global Trade: A Cross-Country Comparison of Trade Network Position, Economic Wealth, Pollution and Mortality.' PLoS ONE, 10 (12). pp. 1-18.

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Feng, Kuishuang, Davis, Steven J., Sun, Laixiang, Li, Xin, Guan, Dabo, Liu, Weidong, Liu, Zhu and Hubacek, Klaus (2013) 'Outsourcing CO2 within China.' Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America (PNAS), 110 (28). pp. 11654-11659.

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