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Authored Books

Jaggar, Philip J. (1992) An Advanced Hausa Reader with Grammatical Notes and Exercises. London: SOAS University of London.

Black, Richard (1992) Angola. Oxford: Clio Press. (World Bibliographic Series; 151)

George, Andrew (1992) Babylonian Topographical Texts. Leuven: Peeters. (Orientalia Lovaniensia Analecta 40)

Black, Richard (1992) Crisis and Change in Rural Europe: Agricultural Development in the Portuguese Mountains. Aldershot: Avebury.

Wright, Owen (1992) Demetrius Cantemir: The Collection of Notations. Volume 1: Text. London: School of Oriental and African Studies. (SOAS musicology series, v. 1)

Weeks, John (1992) Development Strategy and the Economy of Sierra Leone. London: Palgrave Macmillan.

Driver, Ciaran and Moreton, David (1992) Investment, Expectations and Uncertainty. Oxford: Blackwell.

Dooling, Wayne (1992) Law and community in a slave society: Stellenbosch District, South Africa, c.1760-1820. Cape Town: Centre for African Studies.

Weeks, John and Dore, Elizabeth (1992) The Red and the black: The Sandinistas and the Nicaraguan Revolution. London: Institute of Latin American Studies. (University of London Institute of Latin American Studies research papers, 28)

Radice, William (1992) Sakuntala. London: Folio Society.

Wright, Owen (1992) Words Without Songs. A Musicological Study of an Early Ottoman Anthology and its Precursors. London: SOAS University of London. (SOAS musicology series, v. 3)

Robb, Peter (1992) The evolution of British policy towards Indian politics, 1880-1920: essays on colonial attitudes, imperial strategies and Bihar. New Delhi: Manohar and Riverdale.

Edited Book or Journal Volume

Robb, Peter, ed. (1992) Agrarian structure and economic development: landed property in Bengal and theories of capitalism in Japan. London: School of Oriental and African Studies. (Occasional papers in Third-World economic history, no. 4)

Banaji, Jairus, ed. (1992) Henryk Grossmann, The Law of Accumulation and Breakdown of the Capitalist System, Being also a Theory of Crises, translated and abridged. London: Pluto Press.

Jaggar, Philip J., ed. (1992) Papers in Honour of R.C. Abraham (1980-1963). London: SOAS University of London. (African languages and cultures, Supplement 1)

Book Chapters

Robb, Peter (1992) 'Agrarian structure and economic development.' In: Robb, Peter, (ed.), Agrarian structure and economic development: landed property in Bengal and theories of capitalism in Japan. London: School of Oriental and African Studies, pp. 1-23. (Occasional papers in Third-World economic history, no. 4)

Bachmann, Reinhard (1992) 'Alles neu...? Rationalisierung von industriellen Innovationsprozessen. Eine Herausforderung für die industriesoziologische Analyse?' In: Malsch, Thomas and Mill, Ulrich, (eds.), ArBYTE: Modernisierung der Industriesoziologie? Berlin: Edition Sigma, pp. 241-270.

Harrigan, Jane and Mosley, Paul (1992) 'Assessing the Effects of Programme Aid Expenditures.' In: Berlage, L. and Stokke, O., (eds.), Evaluating development assistance: approaches and methods. London: Frank Cass.

Spencer, Paul (1992) 'Automythologies and the Reconstruction of Ageing.' In: Okely, Judith and Callaway, Helen, (eds.), Anthropology and Autobiography. London; New York: Routledge, pp. 50-63. (ASA Monographs, 29)

Spencer, Paul (1992) 'Becoming Maasai, Being in Time.' In: Spear, T. and Waller, R., (eds.), Being Maasai. London: James Currey, pp. 140-156.

Inkster, Ian (1992) 'Commentary on the iron and steel industry.' In: Hayashion, T., (ed.), First International Symposium the Japanese Experience of Technology Transfer. Tokyo: United Nations University Press.

Spencer, Paul (1992) 'Danza.' In: Bedeschi, G., (ed.), Enciclopedia delle Scienze Social. Rome: Institute della Enciclopedia Italiana, pp. 669-674.

Hanappi, Gerhard (1992) 'Die Deformation der Interessen - eine kleine Welterklärung.' In: Hochgerner, Josef and Katsikides, Savvas, (eds.), Die Formierung von Interessen. Wien: Falter Verlag. (Neue Soziologie, Bd. 2)

Menski, Werner F (1992) 'The Indian experience and its lessons for Britain.' In: Hepple, Bob and Szyszczak, Erika M., (eds.), Discrimination: the limits of law. London: Mansell, pp. 300-343. (Studies in labour and social law)

Parfitt, Tudor (1992) 'The Jews.' In: Tapper, Richard, (ed.), Some minorities in the Middle East. London: SOAS Centre of Near and Middle East Studies, pp. 35-56. (Occasional papers (University of London. Centre of Near and Middle Eastern Studies), 9.)

Behrens-Abouseif, Doris (1992) 'Le Acque del Cairo - Scenario e Stile di Vita di una Città Islamica.' In: Jones, Dalu, (ed.), Il Teatro delle Acque. Roma: Edizioni dell'Elefante, pp. 31-41.

Parfitt, Tudor (1992) 'Middle East and North Africa; India; Japan; Malaysia.' In: Antisemitism. London: Insitute of Jewish Affairs, 71-86, 92, 93.

Bryson, Jane and Hakimian, Hassan (1992) 'New Perspectives on International Training: Third World Agriculture and The Wye External Programme.' In: Rumble, Greville and Oliveira, Joao, (eds.), Vocational Education at a Distance - International Perspectives. London: International Labour Office and Kogan Page.

Kloezen, Wim and Mollinga, Peter (1992) 'Opening closed gates: recognising the social nature of irrigation artefacts.' In: Diemer, Geert and Slabbers, Jacques, (eds.), Irrigators and engineers: Essays in honour of Lucas Horst. Amsterdam: Thesis Publishers, pp. 53-63.

Kratz, E. Ulrich (1992) 'Peranakan writing and Indonesian literature after Independence.' In: Salmon, Claudine, (ed.), Le moment "sino-malais' de la litterature Indonesienne. Paris: Association Archipel, pp. 133-147. (Cahier d'Archipel)

Fardon, Richard (1992) 'Post modern anthropology? Or, an anthropology of post-modernity.' In: Doherty, J., Graham, E. and Malek, M., (eds.), Post-modernism and the Social Sciences. London: Macmillan, pp. 33-47.

Denwood, Philip (1992) 'Sources of mandala design in India and Tibet.' In: Whitfield, Roderick, (ed.), The Rise of Esoteric Buddhist Art. London: SOAS. (Percival David Foundation Colloquy No. 13)

Pauwels, Anne (1992) 'Status and Function Changes of Dutch as an Immigrant Language in Australia.' In: Ammon, Ulrich and Hellinger, Marlis, (eds.), The status change of languages. Berlin: Mouton-De Gruyter, pp. 324-331.

Spencer, Paul and Chieni, Telelia (1992) 'The World of Telelia: the life of a Maasai woman in Matapato.' In: Spear, T. and Waller, R., (eds.), Being Maasai: ethnicity and identity in East Africa. London: James Currey, pp. 157-173.

Journal Article

Behrens-Abouseif, Doris (1992) 'The ´Abd al-Rahman Katkhuda Style in 18th Century Cairo.' Annales Islamologiques, 26. pp. 117-126.

Ash, Robert (1992) 'The Agricultural Sector in China: Performance and Policy Dilemmas during the 1990s.' The China Quarterly, 131 (Sep). pp. 545-576.

George, Andrew (1992) 'Another piece of Abi-eshuh.' Nouvelles assyriologiques brèves et utilitaires, 1992 (3 no. 75). pp. 56-57.

Murinde, Victor (1992) 'Application of stochastic simulation and policy sensitivity techniques to a macroeconomic model of Uganda.' Applied Economics, 24 (1). pp. 1-17.

Edge, Ian (1992) 'An Assessment of the Jurisprudence of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt.' Recht Van de Islam, 9. pp. 38-47.

Menski, Werner F and Bhavsar, Rajesh (1992) 'Author and subject index to Immigration and Nationality Law and Practice Vol. 6 (1992).' Immigration and Nationality Law and Practice, 6 (4). pp. 144-148.

Dolce, Lucia (1992) 'Awareness of Mappô. Soteriological Interpretations of Time in Nichiren.' Transactions of the Asiatic Society of Japan (fourth series), 7. pp. 81-106.

Sprigg, R. K. (1992) 'Bantawa Rai s-, t- and z-final verb roots: transitives, intransitives, causatives and directives.' Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area, 15 (1). pp. 39-52.

Fardon, Richard and Boyd, Raymond (1992) 'Bisiweeri: the songs and times of a Muslim Chamba woman.' African Languages and Cultures, 5 (1). pp. 11-41.

Menski, Werner F (1992) 'Bottlenecks of justice? A further note on the limits of public interest litigation.' Kerala Law Times: Journal section, 1992 (2). pp. 57-60.

Bramall, Chris (1992) 'Chinese Economic Growth between the Wars.' The China Quarterly (131). pp. 784-791.

Tythacott, Louise (1992) 'Chinese Robes in the Ethnography Gallery.' The Royal Pavilion Review (2). pp. 10-12.

Menski, Werner F (1992) 'Crime and punishment in Hindu law and under modern Indian law.' Recueils de la Société Jean Bodin pour l'histoire comparative des institutions, 58 (4). pp. 295-334.

Selwyn, Tom and Shore, Cris (1992) 'Education, Markets, and Managers: A clash of cultures?' Reflections on Higher Education: A Journal of the Higher Education Foundation, 4. pp. 88-96.

Murinde, Victor (1992) 'European banking: a review.' The Journal of Finance, 47 (4). pp. 1646-1648.

Hanappi, Gerhard (1992) 'Evolutionism in Natural Sciences and Social Sciences. On Basic Concepts of Evolutionary Economics.' Methodus: International Network for Economic Method, 4 (1).

Scaramozzino, Pasquale and Marini, Giancarlo (1992) 'Expected Inflation and Output Variability in Flexible Price and Contracting Models.' Oxford Economic Papers, 44 (2). pp. 232-241.

Behrens-Abouseif, Doris (1992) 'The Façade of the Aqmar-Mosque in the Context of Fatimid Ceremonial.' Muqarnas, 9. pp. 29-38.

Behrens-Abouseif, Doris (1992) 'Gardens in Islamic Egypt.' Der Islam, 69 (2). pp. 302-312.

Abdel-Haleem, Muhammad (1992) 'Grammatical Shift for Rhetorical Purposes: Iltifāt and Related Features in the Qur'ān.' Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, 55 (3). pp. 407-432.

McKinley, Terry and Wang, Li Na (1992) 'Housing and Wealth in Rural China.' China Economic Review, 3 (2). pp. 195-211.

Kotagama, H. B., Carruthers, I. and Smith, Laurence (1992) 'Identification and Estimation of Priority Weights of Irrigation System Management Objectives for Irrigation System Performance Assessment.' Tropical Agricultural Research, 4. pp. 297-307.

Harrigan, Jane (1992) 'Investment, Growth and Poverty: Lessons from Malawi and Madagascar on Re-taking the Middle Ground.' Journal of African Economies, 1 (1). pp. 151-162.

Inkster, Ian (1992) 'Japan: taking over and staying ahead.' Futures.

Scaramozzino, Pasquale and Marini, Giancarlo (1992) 'Monopolistic Competition, Expected Inflation and Contract Length.' Labour: Review of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations, 6 (2). pp. 85-103.

Menski, Werner F (1992) 'Multi-ethnic tokenism and children’s rights in English family law.' Kerala Law Times: Journal section, 1992 (1). pp. 83-84.

Parfitt, Tudor (1992) 'Obituary: Avot Yeshurun.' The Independent, Feb. p. 27.

Nikolaeva, Irina (1992) 'Old Yukaghir sources and dialects.' Ural-Altaische Jahrbücher, 11. pp. 200-210.

Furniss, Graham (1992) 'Oral culture and the making of meaning.' African Affairs, 91 (363). pp. 271-6.

Driver, Ciaran (1992) 'The Origin of Predictable Behavior: Comment.' American Economic Review, 82 (1). p. 368.

Menski, Werner F (1992) 'Outsiders or participants? (Conference report).' Immigration and Nationality Law and Practice, 6 (3). p. 101.

Spencer, Paul (1992) 'The Pacification of the Maasai and the Transformation of the Prophet's Tribute.' Anthropozoologica, 16. pp. 65-72.

Robb, Peter (1992) 'Peasants' Choices? Indian Agriculture and the Limits of Commercialization in Nineteenth-Century Bihar.' The Economic History Review, 45 (1). pp. 97-119.

Singh, Gurharpal (1992) 'The Punjab Elections 1992: Breakthrough or Breakdown?' Asian Survey, 32 (11). pp. 988-999.

Jaggar, Philip J. (1992) 'R.C. Abraham's early insights into Hausa pre-datival forms.' African Languages and Cultures (Suppl 1). pp. 51-66.

Menski, Werner F (1992) 'Recent changes in the citizenship law of India.' Gujarat Law Reporter: Journal section, 33 (1). x-xviii.

Menski, Werner F (1992) 'Recent changes in the citizenship law of India.' Kerala Law Times: Journal section, 1992 (1). pp. 35-42.

Inkster, Ian (1992) 'Relative backwardness and revolution. A note on Marx, history and the transition to socialism.' Journal of Contemporary Asia, 22 (1). pp. 146-151.

Smith, I.O. (1992) 'The Scope and Application of the concept of statutory tenancy in Nigeria: A critical appraisal.' The LASU Law Journal, 3 (1). pp. 65-80.

Orwin, Martin (1992) 'Shax.' Journal of the Anglo-Somali Society = Warsidaha Ururka Ingiriiska iyo Soomaalida.. pp. 10-11.

Menski, Werner F and Ross, Matthew (1992) 'Subject index to Immigration and Nationality Law and Practice Vols. 1-5 (1986-1991).' Immigration and Nationality Law and Practice, 6 (1). i-xvi.

Gray, Nick (1992) 'Sulendra: an example of petegak in the Balinese gender wayang repertory.' British Journal of Ethnomusicology, 1 (1). pp. 1-16.

Hunter, Erica C D (1992) 'Syriac Christianity in Central Asia.' Zeitschrift für Religions- und Geistesgeschichte, 44. pp. 362-368.

Behrens-Abouseif, Doris (1992) 'The Takiyyat Ibrahim al-Kulshani in Cairo.' Muqarnas, 5. pp. 43-60.

George, Andrew (1992) 'Tintir V 50.' Nouvelles assyriologiques brèves et utilitaires, 1992/4 (125). p. 91.

Selwyn, Tom (1992) 'Tourism, Society and Development.' Community Development Journal, 27 (4). pp. 353-360.

Furniss, Graham (1992) 'A note on Hausa literature and R C Abraham.' African Languages and Cultures, supp 1. pp. 43-50.

Menski, Werner F (1992) 'The role of custom in Hindu law.' Recueils de la Société Jean Bodin pour l'histoire comparative des institutions, 53 (3). pp. 311-347.

Conference or Workshop Items

Neal, Mark (1992) Culture free? A Wittgensteinian analysis of action in culture. In: British Sociological Association Annual Conference, 6-9 April 1992, University of Kent at Canterbury. (Unpublished)

Hanappi, Gerhard (1992) The Future of the USSR. A simulation of macroeconomic transition scenarios. In: The 33rd annual meeting of the Atlantic Economic Association, 5-9 April, Nice (France).

Hanappi, Gerhard (1992) Long Waves in Economic Theory Building? An evaluation of the second upswing of Schumpeters socio-economic perspective. In: The annual meeting of the Eastern Economic Association, 26-28 March, New York.

Monographs and Working Papers

Hobart, Mark (1992) Beyond reason: a human comedy. Nijmegen: Instituut voor Culturele en Sociale Antropologie.

Scaramozzino, Pasquale and Brunello, Giorgio (1992) Mark-ups in the Product and in the Labour Markets: The Baumol Model Revisited. Università degli Studi di Venezia, Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche Discussion Paper No. 92.13.

Mollinga, Peter (1992) Protective irrigation in South India: Deadlock or development? Milton Keynes: Development Policy and Practice Research Group, Open University.

Anderson, Michael R. (1992) Public Nuisance and Private Purpose: Policed Environments in British India, 1860-1947. London: SOAS School of Law Research Paper No. 05/2011.

Book Reviews

De Blois, Francois (1992) 'Review of 'Iranica Varia. Papers in Honor of Professor Ehsan Yarshater' by D. Amin; M. Kasheff; A. Sh. Shahbazi.' Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 2 (3). pp. 454-456.

Scaramozzino, Pasquale (1992) 'Review of F. Mayer and F. Spinelli (eds.), "Macroeconomics and Macroeconomic Policy Issues".' The Economic Journal, 102 (414). p. 1319.

Tan, Carol G.S. (1992) 'Review of Holland and Webb, 'Learning Legal Rules' (London: Blackstone Press, 1991).' Modern Law Review, 55 (5). pp. 758-759.

Tan, Carol G.S. (1992) 'Review of Lee and Fox, 'Learning Legal Skills' (London: Blackstone Press, 1991).' Modern Law Review, 55 (5). pp. 758-759.

De Blois, Francois (1992) 'Review of W. Hinz and H. Koch, 'Elamisches Wörterbuch'.' Bibliotheca Orientalis, XLIX . pp. 195-197.

Weeks, John (1992) 'Review of: Carmen Diana Deere, In the Shadows of the Sun: Caribbean Development Alternatives and US Policy (Boulder, Co: Westview Press, 1990), pp. xx+246.' Journal of Latin American Studies, 24 (1). pp. 219-220.

Weeks, John (1992) 'Review of: Labor and Politics in Panama: The Torrijos Years, by Sharon Phillips Collazos.' Hispanic American Historical Review, 72 (4). pp. 629-630.

Weeks, John (1992) 'Review of: Michael J. Twomey and Ann Helwege (eds.), Modernization and Stagnation: Latin American Agriculture into the 1990s (New York, London: Greenwood Press, 1991), pp. ix + 270.' Journal of Latin American Studies, 24 (3). pp. 708-709.

Weeks, John (1992) 'Review of: Rachel Garst and Tom Barry, Feeding the Crisis: U.S. Food Aid and Farm Policy in Central America (Lincoln and London: University of Nebraska Press, 1990), pp. xii+275.' Journal of Latin American Studies, 24 (1). pp. 218-219.

Weeks, John (1992) 'Review of: Victor Bulmer-Thomas, A Long-Run Model of Development for Central America (London: Institute of Latin American Studies, Research Paper no. 27, 1991), pp. 60, £4.50.' Journal of Latin American Studies, 24 (3). pp. 713-714.

Weeks, John (1992) 'Review of: Wim Pelupessy (ed.), Perspectives on the Agro-Export Economy in Central America (Basingstoke, Hants: Macmillan, 1992), pp. xvii + 175, £40.00.' Journal of Latin American Studies, 24 (3). pp. 714-715.

Weeks, John (1992) 'Second Time Tragedy: US Policy in Panama. Review of: Our Man in Panama by John Dinges; Divorcing the Dictator by Frederick Kempe.' Third World Quarterly, 13 (1). pp. 184-187.


Narkong, Anant (1992) Aspects of improvisation in Thai classical drumming : with special reference to the Taphon. MPhil thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Kanjanavanit, Saranarat (1992) Aspects of the temporal pattern of dry season fires in the dry dipterocarp forests of Thailand. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Pugliese, Cristiana (1992) Author, publisher and Gikuyu nationalist: The life and writings of Gakaara wa Wanjau. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Pagel, Ulrich (1992) The "Bodhisattvapitaka": Its doctrines, practices and their position in Mahayana literature. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Tarlo, Emma (1992) Competing Identities: The Problem of What to Wear in Late Colonial and Contemporary India. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Appleton, Leonard Alban (1992) Educational Development in Western Libya, 1942-1952: A Critical Assessment of the Aims, Methods and Policies of the British Military Administration. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Anyalezu, Nkem Guthlac (1992) Financial liberalisation and capital development : A theoretical evaluation of financial repression and structural reforms in Nigeria. MPhil thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Silva, Thais Cristofaro Alves da (1992) Nuclear phenomena in Brazilian Portuguese. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Swain, Mamata (1992) Peasant agriculture and tenancy in Orissa (India) : A study of three villages at different levels of development, with special reference to share tenancy. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Mwansa, Kalombo Thomson (1992) Property Crime and the Criminal Process in Lusaka Magistrates' Courts. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Garlake, Peter S. (1992) Rock art in Zimbabwe. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Barrett, Jane (1992) Wheels within wheels: Freight transport in South Africa. MPhil thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Hejaiej, Mounira (1992) Women's oral narratives in Tunis. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Casely-Hayford, Augustus Lavinus (1992) A genealogical history of Cape Coast stool families. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Vainio-Mattila, Arja H. (1992) The impact of development aid on the resources of a recipient community in Bura Fuelwood Plantation Project, Kenya: Participatory research as an approach to development aid. MPhil thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Fu, Tingmei (1992) The law and policy of state enterprises in post-Mao China. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Oguibe, Oluchukwu Olu (1992) The paintings and prints of Uzo Egonu: 20th century Nigerian artist. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

War, Badaplin (1992) The personal pronouns and their related clitics in six Khasi dialects: A grammatical and sociolinguistic study. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Harper, Caroline (1992) The social life of the green Mong textile : Commercialisation and alternative discourses of value in Thailand. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Gebre-Meskel, Haddis (1992) A survey of representative land charters of the Ethiopian Empire (1314-1868) and related marginal notes in manuscripts in the British Library, the Royal Library and the university libraries of Cambridge and Manchester. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:


Bachmann, Reinhard, Malsch, Thomas and Ziegler, Susanne (1992) 'Erfolg und Mißerfolg von Expertensystem-Projekten in der Industrie. Zwischenergebnisse eines empirischen Forschungsprojekts. Information und Kommunikation 15/92.' Dortmund: IUK Institut.

Parfitt, Tudor (1992) 'King Solomon’s Tribe. Producer Julian Hale.' BBC.

Bachmann, Reinhard (1992) 'Konfigurationsexpertensysteme in der industriebetrieblichen Anwendung. 1.Teilbericht des Forschungsprojekts 'Expertensysteme und konventionelle Datenverarbeitung zwischen Anwendung und Entwicklung. Ein Beitrag zur Technikgenese und -folgenabschätzung der Softwarekrise'. Information und Kommunikation 14/92.' Dortmund: IUK Institut.

Bachmann, Reinhard (1992) 'Wissensbasierte Konfigurationssysteme im industriellen Einsatz. In: Tilo Messer and Andreas Winkelhofer (eds.), Report: Beiträge zum 6. Workshop 'Planen und Konfigurieren'. Schriftenreihe des Bayerischen Forschungszentrums für Wissensbasierte Systeme.' Erlangen; Munich; Passau: FORWISS. pp. 155-157.

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