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Authored Books

Behrens-Abouseif, Doris (1987) Fathallah and Abu Zakariya: Physicians under the Mamluks. Le Caire: Institut français d'archéologie orientale.

Parfitt, Tudor (1987) The Jews in Palestine, 1800-1882. Woodbridge: Published for the Royal Historical Society by Boydell. (Royal Historical Society studies in history)

Parfitt, Tudor (1987) The Jews of Africa and Asia: contemporary anti-Semitism and other pressures. London: Minority Rights Group.

Parfitt, Tudor (1987) The thirteenth gate : travels among the Lost Tribes of Israel. London: Weidenfeld and Nicolson.

Edited Book or Journal Volume

Radice, William and Reynolds, Barbara, eds. (1987) The Translator's Art: Essays in Honour of Betty Radice. New York: Penguin.

Pauwels, Anne, ed. (1987) Women and Language in Australian and New Zealand Society. Mosman, N.S.W.: Australian Professional Publications.

Book Chapters

Fardon, Richard (1987) 'African Ethnogenesis: limits to the comparability of ethnic phenomena.' In: Holy, Ladislav, (ed.), Comparative Anthropology. London: Basil Blackwell, pp. 168-188.

Perrow, David and King, Judith (1987) 'Information Services.' In: Moys, E.M., (ed.), Manual of Law Librarianship: The Use and Organization of Legal Literature. Boston: Gower.

Hobart, Mark (1987) 'Is God Evil?' In: Parkin, David, (ed.), The Anthropology of Evil. Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 165-193.

Pauwels, Anne (1987) 'Language in Translation: The attitudes toward and use of 'Ms' by Australian women in the mid 1980s.' In: Pauwels, Anne, (ed.), Women and Language in Australian and New Zealand Society. Sydney: Australian Professional Publications, pp. 129-154.

Menski, Werner F (1987) 'Legal pluralism in the Hindu marriage.' In: Burghart, Richard, (ed.), Hinduism in Great Britain : the perpetuation of religion in an alien cultural milieu. London: Tavistock, pp. 180-200.

Hanappi, Gerhard (1987) 'Profit instead of Profit Rate [Profit statt Profitrate].' In: Helmedag, Fritz, (ed.), Die Technikwahl bei linearer Einzelproduktion oder die dritte Krise der Profitrate. Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft, Heft 2. Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang, pp. 281-283.

Robb, Peter (1987) 'Some Aspects of British Policy towards Indian Nationalism, 1885-1920.' In: Simmons, Colin and Shepperdson, Mike, (eds.), The Indian National Congress and the Political Economy of India, 1885-1985. Aldershot: Avebury, pp. 61-97.

Hobart, Mark (1987) 'Summer's days and salad days: the coming of age of anthropology?' In: Holy, Ladislav, (ed.), Comparative anthropology. Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 22-51.

Smyth, David (1987) 'Thai speakers.' In: Swan, Michael and Smith, Bernard, (eds.), Learner English: a teacher's guide to interference and other problems. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 252-263.

Fuehrer, Bernhard and Pohl, Bernhard (1987) 'Zi Xiao Zi Jiaoshou zhi yigao kui qi zhexue sixiang zhi yi er [自蕭茲教授之遺稿窺其哲學思想之一二].' In: Essays in Memoriam Robert Scholz. Taipei: Robert Scholz Music Foundation, pp. 90-94.

Pauwels, Anne (1987) 'The concept of diglossia in the study of language maintenance in Australia.' In: Veit, Walter, (ed.), Antipodische Aufklärungen : Festschrift für Leslie Bodi = Antipodean enlightenments. Frankfurt: Peter Lang, pp. 349-360.

Smyth, David (1987) 'The later short stories of Siburapha.' In: Davidson, Jeremy H. C. S., (ed.), Lai Su' Thai: essays in honour of EHS Simmonds. London: School of Oriental and African Studies, pp. 98-115.

Journal Article

De Blois, Francois (1987) '‘Abu Tahir’s Epistle to the Caliph Al-Muqtadir: Studies on the history of Bahrayn and the Yemen.' Proceedings of the Seminar for Arabian Studies, 17. pp. 21-35.

Menski, Werner F (1987) 'Consumer protection in India and Britain.' Consumer Confrontation, 7 (11). pp. 3-5.

Driver, Ciaran and Naisbitt, Barry (1987) 'Cyclical variations in service industries' employment in the UK.' Applied Economics, 19 (4). pp. 541-554.

Gerstle, Andrew (1987) 'Flowers of Edo: Eighteenth-century kabuki and its patrons.' Asian Theatre Journal, 4 (1). pp. 52-75.

Pauwels, Anne (1987) 'Language and gender research in Australia.' Australian Review of Applied Linguistics, 10 (2). pp. 221-234.

Smith, I.O. (1987) 'Legal Transplant in a Developing Society: A Critical Appraisal of the Reception of English Law in Nigeria.' LASU Law Publications, 1 (1). pp. 1-24.

George, Andrew (1987) 'A Neo-Assyrian literary text.' State Archives of Assyria Bulletin, 1 (1). pp. 31-41.

Robb, Peter (1987) 'New Directions in South Asian History.' South Asia Research, 7 (2). pp. 123-142.

Edge, Ian (1987) 'Noel Coulson: An Assessment.' Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, 50 (3). pp. 532-535.

Weeks, John (1987) 'Panama: The roots of current political instability.' Third World Quarterly, 9 (3). pp. 763-787.

Sprigg, R. K. (1987) '‘Rhinoglottophilia’ revisited: observations on ‘the mysterious connection between nasality and glottality.' Linguistics of the Tibeto-Burman Area, 10 (1). pp. 44-62.

Hunter, Erica C D (1987) 'Saints in Syriac anathemas: a form-critical analysis of role.' Journal of Semitic Studies, 32 (1). pp. 83-104.

Parfitt, Tudor (1987) 'Translation from the Hebrew: 'Poems from the Lebanon War': Nathan Zach, 'The desire for precision', Ephraim Sidon, 'Children', Daliah Ravikovitch, 'You can't kill a child twice', 'They are freezing in the north'.' London magazine, 27 (5/6). pp. 107-110.

Parfitt, Tudor and Abramson, Glenda (1987) 'Translation of T. Carmi, ‘An Israeli Abroad’ and ‘Letter to a Customs Officer’.' The Jerusalem Post Magazine.

Parfitt, Tudor and Abramson, Glenda (1987) '[Translation of] Poems of Yehuda Amichai 'Inside the Apple', 'From Man Are You', 'I'll be magnified and sanctified', 'Waking from sleep in the evening', 'Parting in England', 'The memory of love - what will be?', 'Jerusalem 1985, 'Roses climbing over a wall'.' London magazine, 27 (5/6). pp. 16-20.

Singh, Gurharpal (1987) 'Understanding the "Punjab Problem".' Asian Survey, 27 (12). pp. 1268-1277.

Arestis, Philip and Driver, Ciaran (1987) 'The effects of income distribution on consumer imports.' Journal of Macroeconomics, 9 (1). pp. 83-94.

Conference or Workshop Items

Hanappi, Gerhard (1987) Regimes d'accumulation, revolutions techniques et strategies des syndicats. In: A French-Austrian conference on the topic "New Technologies - a Comparison between France and Austria" (Technikbewältigung - ein Vergleich zwischen Frankreich und Österrei), December.

Monographs and Working Papers

Jamal, Vali and Weeks, John (1987) Rural-urban income trends in sub-saharan Africa. Geneva: World Employment Programme research working paper, no.18.

Book Reviews

Redford, Scott (1987) 'Review of: 'Anadolu Selçuklu Sanatı Üzerine Görüşler' by S. Ögel.' MESA Bulletin, 21 . p. 101.


Dajani, Zahia Ragheb (1987) The Egyptian Udaba and the crisis of Islam: A study of the Islamic thought of Taha Husayn, Muhammad Husayn Haykal, and 'Abbas Mahmud al-'Aqqad and its influence on Egyptian political, social and intellectual life. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Salem, Rafik M. (1987) Exile and nostalgia in Arabic and Hebrew poetry of al-Andalus (Muslim Spain). PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Griffiths, Leslie John (1987) A History of Methodism in Haiti 1817-1916. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Davison, Julian (1987) Images and metaphor: An analysis of Iban collective representation. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Mulimbwa, Anthony Cyril (1987) Law and Agricultural Development in Zambia. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Chibambo, Tchupa N. (1987) Marriage Laws of Malawi: The Evolution of African Marriage Laws Under Colonial Rule. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Whelpton, John (1987) Nepali politics and the rise of Jang Bahadur Rana, 1830-1857. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Cobley, Alan Gregor (1987) 'On the Shoulders of Giants': The Black Petty Bourgeoisie in Politics and Society in South Africa, 1924 to 1950. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Hirsch, Philip (1987) Participation, rural development, and changing production relations in recently settled forest areas of Thailand. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Hanappi, Gerhard (1987) Phases of Capitalist Development [Die Stufen kapitalistischer Entwicklung, Eine Einschätzung der Theorie der langen Wellen der Konjunktur]. PhD thesis. University of Vienna.

Antonopoulou, Eleni (1987) Prototype theory and the meaning of verbs, with special reference to modern Greek verbs of motion. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Platt, Katherine Harriet (1987) Ritual and Local Identity on the Kerkennah Islands of Tunisia. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Song, Nam-Sun (1987) Thematic relations and transitivity in English, Japanese and Korean. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Sayed-Ahmed, Mohamed Abd El-Wahab (1987) US-Egyptian relations from the 1952 revolution to the Suez Crisis of 1956. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Taylor, Maureen Deirdre (1987) Word grammar and the semantics of compound nouns. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Idrees, Najma Abdullah (1987) The concept of death and its development in modern Arabic poetry. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Mohan, Shunmugam Chandra (1987) The control of corruption in Singapore. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Chung, Tsai-Chun (1987) The development of the concepts of Heaven and of Man in the philosophy of Chu Hsi. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Querejazu, Moira (1987) The discourse of development: The control of communication between cultures. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Kpone-Tonwe, Sonpie (1987) The historical tradition of Ogoni, Nigeria. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Dowling, Nancy Scott Hehm (1987) The jar burial in South East Asia: An alternative hypothesis. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Bonger, Tenkir (1987) The new technology: Agrarian reform and peasant differentiation in Ethiopian agriculture in 1966-1980, with special reference to the Arsi Region. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Algebali, Salma Ibraham (1987) The portrayal of women in the Libyan short story. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

El-Shazly, Mohamed Helal Ahmed Sheref (1987) The provenance of Arabic loan-words in Hausa: A phonological and semantic study. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Wandieen, Abdennaim M. A. (1987) The role of the constitution and domestic law in the implementation of the modern international standards of human rights. A case study of Jordan. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

Venkateswara Sastry, J. (1987) A study of Telugu regional and social dialects : A prosodic analysis. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:


Hanappi, Gerhard (1987) 'Contribution to the keyword "computer science".' Rezensions-Beiheft zum Neuen Wörterbuch des Marxismus . Berlin: Argument-Verlag.

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