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Alsford, Niki (2013) A House by the River Tamsui: An account of the people who had resided there. In: Social History Society Annual Conference, 25-27 March 2013, University of Leeds. (Unpublished)

Alsford, Niki (2013) A Fanzailou by the River Tamsui: One house many occupants. In: Tenth Annual Conference of the European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS), 3-5 May 2013, University of Lyon. (Unpublished)

Alsford, Niki (2013) ‘Thou Therefore Endure Hardness’: The Presbyterian Church of England (PCE) collections at SOAS and the establishment of a maritime medical mission in southern Taiwan. In: Reassessing Archives for East Asian Maritime History Symposium, 11 June, 2013, The Institute for Taiwan History, Academia Sinica. (Unpublished)

Alsford, Niki (2013) Bake, Bid, and Faire: The Victorian Folk Funeral on the Formosan Treaty Ports. In: 海港城市文化座談會, haigang chengshi wenhua zuotanhui [Symposium of Ports Culture], 14 June 2013, National Cheng Kung University (NCKU), Tainan, Taiwan. (Unpublished)

Alsford, Niki and Fuehrer, Bernhard (2013) Carstairs Douglas (1830-1877) and his Chinese-English Dictionary of the Vernacular or Spoken Language of Amoy (1873). In: Sinologists as Translators in the 17-19th Centuries: Archives and Context, 19-22 June, 2013, SOAS, the University of London. (Unpublished)

Alsford, Niki (2013) The Presbyterian Church of England’s Archives at the School of Oriental and African Studies, the University of London. In: 台灣基督長老會150年史, jidu zhanglao ziaohui 150 nianshi [The 150 Year History of the Taiwan Presbyterian Church, Taiwan], 15 July, 2013, The General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Taiwan, Taipei. (Unpublished)


Contadini, Anna (2013) Facets of Light: The Case of Rock Crystals. Fifth Hamad bin Khalifa Symposium on Islamic Art. In: The fifth biennial Hamad bin Khalifa Symposium on Islamic Art, God Is the Light of the Heavens and the Earth: Light in Islamic Art and Culture, Doha (Qatar).

Charney, Michael W. (2013) "The roles of gunpowder and pre-existing ‘military’ organization in the status of firearms in seventeenth-century Kandy, Burma, and Japan". In: Eighth annual symposium on the social history of military technology, incorporating the Gunpowder Study Group, 24 July 2013, Manchester. (Unpublished)

Charney, Michael W. (2013) "Understated: Village Warriors and Village Warfare in Early Modern Southeast Asian 'State' Warfare". In: European Association of Southeast Asian Studies Conference, 2-5 July 2013, Lisbon. (Unpublished)

Contadini, Anna (2013) Transforming Beauty: Artistic and Cultural Contacts Between The Middle East and Europe. In: Professorial Inaugural Lecture.

Contadini, Anna (2013) Seminar on the Pisa Griffin and the Mari-Cha Lion. In: Seminar on the Pisa Griffin and the Mari-Cha Lion, 14 February 2013, SOAS, Khalili Lecture Theatre.

Charney, Michael W. (2013) "The Sudhamma Reformation and the Negotiation of Time in Late Eighteenth and Early Nineteenth Century Burmese Texts". In: American Historical Association Conference, 3-5 January 2013, New Orleans. (Unpublished)

Chatterton, Jocelyn (2013) Protestant Medical Missionary Experience and Dilemma Under the Japanese in Occupied China. In: Missionaries at War: The Impact of Global Conflict on Christian Missions in the Twentieth Century, 9 March 2013, German Historical Institute, London. (Unpublished)

Chatterton, Jocelyn, Wong, Kathie A. and Bultitude, Matthew (2013) Urological Papers and Issues Arising from the Early Years of the Chinese Medical Journal. In: European Association of Urology 28th Annual Congress, 15 - 19 March 2013, Milan. (Unpublished)


Easton, Kai (2013) Roads to Merweville, or On the Road with Scenes from Provincial Life. In: Coetzee Collective Colloquium, 13 March 2013, Dept of English, University of Cape Town. (Unpublished)


Feng, Dongning (2013) Translating discourse: breaking down power relations in Chinese-English translation of news report. In: “Did anyone say Power?”: Rethinking Domination and Hegemony in Translation. (Unpublished)


Githiora, Chege (2013) Kukuza Fasihi ya Kiswahili Duniani kwa njia ya Tafsiri. In: Annual Conference of Chama Cha Kiswahili Cha Afrika Mashariki (CHAKAMA), Nairobi, August 21-22, 2013. (Unpublished)

Githiora, Chege (2013) The rise and rise of Sheng: language and identity in modern Kenya. In: Sheng Language in Kenya: Structure, Uses and Pedagogy, July 16, 2013, IFRA, Nairobi, Kenya. (Unpublished)

Gawne, Lauren (2013) Similar languages, different dictionaries: A discussion of the Lamjung Yolmo and Kagate dictionary projects. In: Australex 2013: Endangered Words, and Signs of Revival, 25-27 July 2013, The University of Adelaide, Australia. (Unpublished)


Hu, Yuan Qiong (2013) Resistance and Consistent: Access to Medicines and Patent Law Reforms in India and China. In: Edinburgh Postgraduate Law Conference 2013 ‘Law, Individual, Community’, 2-3 December 2013, University of Edinburgh. (Unpublished)

Hakimian, Hassan (2013) Prospects for Inclusive Growth in the MENA Region. In: International Parliamentary Conference on ‘The Post-2015 Development Agenda’, 26 November 2013, House of Parliament, London. (Unpublished)

Hakimian, Hassan (2013) Iran Economic Sanctions: Foreign Policy Tool or Weapon of Mass Destruction? In: International Symposium: Sanctions and the Iranian Political Economy, 22 November 2013, Philipps-University of Marburg, Germany. (Unpublished)

Howard, Keith (2013) The Foundation of Hallyu – K-Pop's Coming of Age. In: First World Congress for Hallyu Studies, 18-19 October 2013, Korea University, Seoul.

Hakimian, Hassan (2013) Social Justice Policies in the Middle East and North Africa. In: Social Justice in the Middle East and North Africa, 25 September 2013, Brussells. (Unpublished)

Hamzić, Vanja (2013) Muslims and Normativities. In: Comparative Approaches to Islamic Law and Economy, September 2013, Amman, Jordan.

Hamzić, Vanja (2013) The (Un)Conscious Pariah: Canine and Gender Outcasts of the British Raj. In: Dogs, Pigs and Children: Changing Laws in Colonial Britain, September 2013, Centre for the Study of Colonialism, Empire and International Law, SOAS, University of London.

Hamzić, Vanja (2013) The Negative Hypothesis: On Rights and Relations in Marxist Legal Thought. In: The New Marxist Writing in International Law, City University London. (Unpublished)

Howard, Keith (2013) The Life and Death of Music as East Asian Intangible Cultural Heritage. In: Conference of the Nordic Association of Japanese and Korean Studies, August 2013, Bergen. (Unpublished)

Hamzić, Vanja (2013) On Muslim Sexual and Gender Diversity and Lifeworlds beyond Legal Form. In: Law, Religion and LGBT Rights, July 2013, Brunel Law School, Brunel University. (Unpublished)

Hamzić, Vanja (2013) Neoliberalism, Law and Dissent: On Mimicry and Fetishism in the Time of Crisis. In: Neoliberal Legality Workshop, June 2013, Department of Politics and International Relations, University of Oxford. (Unpublished)

HadžiMuhamedović, Safet (2013) Disentangled Landscapes: Three Stories on Transition and Justice in the Town of Gacko. In: Beyond the One-Size-Fits-All Model of 'Transitional Justice', 28-30 Aug 2013, University of Deusto, Bilbao. (Unpublished)

Hamzić, Vanja (2013) Regendering the Nation: The Khwajasara Movement in Pakistan. In: 18th Annual World Convention of the Association for the Study of Nationalities, 18-20 April 2013, Harriman Institute, Columbia University. (Unpublished)

HadžiMuhamedović, Safet (2013) Valleys, Myths and Territories: Bosnian town of Gacko between Cosmology and Violence. In: Evolving Humanity, Emerging Worlds: The 17th World Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, 5-10 Aug 2013, University of Manchester. (Unpublished)

HadžiMuhamedović, Safet (2013) Chronotopes or Elijah’s Pitfall: Sharing Life and Death in the Bosnian Town of Gacko. In: Thinking Memory through Space: Materiality, Representation and Imagination, 11-12 July 2013, Goldsmiths, University of London. (Unpublished)

HadžiMuhamedović, Safet (2013) Listening Landscapes, Speaking Memories. In: Evolving Humanity, Emerging Worlds: The 17th World Congress of the International Union of Anthropological and Ethnological Sciences, 5-10 Aug 2013, University of Manchester. (Unpublished)

Hamzić, Vanja (2013) Toward an Interruptive History of Islamic Law. In: Global Law and Economic Policy Workshop, January 2013, Institute for Global Law and Policy (of Harvard Law School), Hamad bin Khalifa University, Doha, Qatar. (Unpublished)

Hakimian, Hassan (2013) The Search for Inclusive Growth in the MENA Region. In: Next Left Economic Circle, 11th Roundtable, September 25, 2013, European Union, Brussels. (Unpublished)

Hakimian, Hassan (2013) Prospects for Inclusive Growth in North Africa: A Comparative Approach. In: Seminar for The Regional Department for North Africa, March 29th 2013, Tunis.

Hartung, Jan-Peter (2013) The Word of God for the Modern Indian Muslim: Abū ’l-Kalām Āzād’s Tarjumān al-qurʾān. In: Cultural Institutions and Knowledge Arenas Post-1947: Revisiting the Role of Maulana Azad, 21-22 March 2013, Nehru Memorial Museum and Library, New Delhi.


Kizu, Mika and Yamada, Kazumi (2013) L2 Japanese Null Subjects at the Interface of Syntax and Discourse. In: The Japan Second Language Association: the 13th Annual Conference, 1-2 June 2013, Chuo University. (Unpublished)

Kizu, Mika and Cross, Naomi (2013) Translating Mimetics into Japanese: a case study of Shokoshi (Little Lord Fauntleroy) in the Meiji era and the present time. In: Grammar of Mimetics Workshop, 10-11 May 2013, SOAS, University of London. (Unpublished)

Kaiser, Tania (2013) Monolithic, Imaginary, or Somewhere in Between? Capturing “the camp” in Uganda. In: mobilities : immobilities, 6-8 Sept 2013, Bergen. (Unpublished)


Lopez y Royo, Alessandra (2013) Over 50 and doing what? Reflections on being a mature model. In: Research Summer School, 23-24 July 2013, Cheltenham. (Unpublished)


Mahlouly, Dounia (2013) Google: The Role of Internet Search in Elections in Established and Challenged Democracies. In: Challenges to Campaigning Conference, University of Edinburgh. (Unpublished)


Oreglia, Elisa and Kitner, Kathi R. (2013) The "Consumption Junction" of ICT in Emerging Markets:
 An Ethnography of Middlemen. In: EPIC - Ethnographic Praxis in Industry Conference 2013.

Oreglia, Elisa (2013) When technology doesn't fit: information sharing practices among farmers in rural China. In: Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference on Information and Communication Technologies and Development: Full Papers.


Pizziconi, Barbara (2013) Japanese Public Service Announcements (PSA). In: Politeness Conference (LIAR III), University of Urbana-Champaign, Illinois. (Unpublished)


Simard, Candide (2013) Another look at right-detached NPs. In: Language Documentation and Linguistic Theory 4 Conference (LDLT4), 7th - 8th December 2013, London, United Kingdom.

Schultze-Berndt, Eva, Wegener, Claudia and Simard, Candide (2013) The expression of argument focus in Ngarinyman, Jaminjung, Savosavo and Gela. In: Workshop on Information Structure in Spoken Language Corpora (ISSLaC), 10-12 June 2013, University of Bielefeld, Germany. (Unpublished)


Tanner, Thomas and Bahadur, Aditya (2013) Distilling the characteristics of transformational change in a changing climate. In: Proceedings of Transformation in a Changing Climate, 19-21 June 2013, Oslo, Norway. University of Oslo. Interactive.


Waghmar, Burzine (2013) Yet Another Stan? Talibanisation and Islamic Radicalism in Balochistan and Southwest Asia. In: Global and Regional Security Challenges in South Asia: What Future for Balochistan, 24 February 2013, The Royal Society, London.

Webster, David R (2013) Social Media, Educational Engagement and Ethical Boundaries. In: 6th International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation. (Unpublished)

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