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Amoah, Michael (2010) Multinationalism and Nation building in West Africa: the case of Ghana. In: ASEN Seminar Series on Multinationalism and Nation Building, 10 December 2010, LSE.

Alsford, Niki (2010) The Forgotten Little White House: A Retrospective View of the British Customs House in Tamsui. In: North American Taiwan Studies Association (NATSA), 18-20 June, 2010, University of California, Berkeley. (Unpublished)

Alsford, Niki (2010) India’s Role in Taiwan’s Economic Future. In: North American Taiwan Studies Association (NATSA), 18-20 June, 2010, University of California, Berkeley. (Unpublished)


Clouser, Michael and Al-Attili, Aghlab (2010) The Edinburgh-Stanford Link: Learning from a Transatlantic Triple Helix towards Born Global Venture Formation. In: The Triple Helix VIII Conference: Triple Helix in the Development of Cities of Knowledge, Expanding Communities and Connecting Regions, 20-22 October 2010, Madrid, Spain.

Charney, Michael W. (2010) Making Sense Of Strange Places: Mining And Railway Construction In Burma And The Gold Coast In The Early Twentieth Century. In: University of Michigan Center for Southeast Asian Studies Public Lectures, 17 September 2010, Ann Arbor, University of Michigan, 1636 SSWB/International Institute. (Unpublished)

Charney, Michael W. (2010) The Colonial State, Railway Construction and Connecting the Hinterland in Asia and Africa: Encouraging and Discouraging the Extension of Lines to Kumasi (Ghana) and Lashio (Burma). In: The Role of Government in Colonial Economies and the Impact of the Transition to Independence, 4-5 June 2010, SOAS, London. (Unpublished)

Charney, Michael W. (2010) Weapons for Elevated Fighting: Southeast Asian Combat on Elephant Back. In: Timonium Ethnographic Arms and Armor Seminar, 20 March 2010, Timonium. (Unpublished)

Charney, Michael W. (2010) Keeping the Trains Running: Burma's Railways During the Japanese Occupation, 1942-1945. In: SOAS Centre for South East Asian Studies Seminar Programme, January 26, 2010, SOAS, London. (Unpublished)


Dorward, Andrew (2010) Reducing food price volatility for food security and development. In: Presentation at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, December 2010, Paris. (Unpublished)


Easton, Kai (2010) Cultures of Travel: Cape Diasporas and Zoe Wicomb's Playing in the Light. In: The Cape and the Cosmopolitan: Reading Zoe Wicomb, 8-10 April 2010, University of Stellenbosch, Dept of English. (Unpublished)


Foster, Nicholas HD (2010) The Law of Islamic Finance. In: Islamic Finance and Financial Markets: An alternative to the Anglo-American Finance Model?, 4 March, University College London. (Unpublished)

Foster, Nicholas HD (2010) Making People Behave Properly in Islamic Finance: Some General Thoughts. In: Fourth Harvard-LSE Workshop, 25th February, London School of Economics. (Unpublished)

Fell, Dafydd (2010) Taiwanese Parties’ Candidate selection in the Aftermath of Electoral Reform: Case of the 2009 Local Executive Elections. In: 7th European Association of Taiwan Studies Conference, April, Tubingen, Germany. (Unpublished)

Fell, Dafydd, Chou, Wan-yao, Corcuff, Stéphane, Gold, Thomas and Schubert, Gunter (2010) Roundtable Discussion: The Global State of Taiwan Studies. In: 7th European Association of Taiwan Studies Conference, April, Tubingen, Germany. (Unpublished)


Githiora, Chege (2010) Kiswahili ng’ambo: Mbinu za kuikuza Lugha. In: Research Institute Swahili Studies Eastern Africa International Conference, Nov 17-20, 2010, Mombasa, Kenya. (Unpublished)

Gawne, Lauren, Kelly, Barbara F. and Unger, Annie (2010) Gesture categorisation and understanding speaker attention to gesture. In: Selected Papers from the 2009 Conference of the Australian Linguistic Society, 9 to 11 July 2009, La Trobe University, Melbourne, Australia.


Howard, Keith (2010) A little world music is a dangerous thing, a lot of ethnomusicology is even worse. In: Cultural Diversity in Music Education International Symposium, January 2010, University of Sydney.

Hanappi, Hardy (2010) The Goals of the EU after the Treaty of Lisbon. In: The Global Jean Monnet/ECSA-World Conference, June 2010, Brussels. (Unpublished)

Hanappi, Hardy (2010) Aufbruch mit Fortschritts-Visionen. In: The 5th Dialog Sozialpartnerschaft, 24 June, Hirschwang (Austria). (Unpublished)

Hanappi, Hardy (2010) From Growth to Innovative Reproduction. A Roadmap for a European Model of Evolution. In: The EAEPE Conference, 28-30 October, Bordeaux.

Hanappi, Hardy (2010) The Beat of Visions. The challenging features of a new global mode of production. In: SGIR 7th Pan-European International Relations Conference - Politics in Hard Times#International Relations Responses to the Financial Crisis, September, Stockholm. (Unpublished)

Howard, Keith (2010) Iconicity and the Preservation of Culture in Korea. In: Preserving the Past, Looking to the Future: Tradition and Its Future in Music, April 2010, University of Sydney.


Inge, Anabel (2010) Covering Iran - The Role of Conventional and Non-conventional Media. In: Covering Iran: The Role of Conventional and Non-conventional Media, June 16, 2010, SOAS. (Unpublished)

Inge, Anabel (2010) Demystifying the Caliphate: advocates, opponents and implications for Europe. In: Demystifying the Caliphate: advocates, opponents and implications for Europe, November 12-13, 2010, King's College London. (Unpublished)


Khan, Mushtaq (2010) Post-Oslo State-Building Strategies and their Limitations. Transcript of the Yusuf A Sayigh Development Lecture 2010, Ramallah, Palestine. In: Yusuf A Sayigh Memorial Development Lecture, December 2010, Ramallah, Palestine. (Unpublished)

Kent, Rebecca (2010) Seasonal patterns of food intake within conflict-affected households in Trincomalee, Sri Lanka. In: Food in Zones of Conflict, syposium organised by the International Commissionon the Anthropology of Food, June 5 2010, Oxford. (Unpublished)

Kent, Rebecca and Bakaweri, Chris (2010) Constraints to participation in shea value chain development in Ghana. In: Institutional innovations and policy interventions in support of smallholder market participation, 3-4 June 2010, FAO, Rome. (Unpublished)


Levy, Orly, Peiperl, Maury and Bouquet, Cyril (2010) Experiential and competency determinants of transnational social capital. In L. A. Toombs (Ed.), Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings (CD), ISSN 1543-8643. In: Academy of Management, August 2010, Montréal.

Lang, Xueming, Oreglia, Elisa and Thomas, Suzanne (2010) Social practices and mobile phone use of young migrant workers. In: MobileHCI '10 Proceedings of the 12th international conference on Human computer interaction with mobile devices and services.


Moscati, Maria (2010) Sexual Orientation, Gender and Access to Justice. In: SLSA-Annual Conference 2010, March 30, Bristol. (Unpublished)

Moscati, Maria (2010) Let’s make a move: legal culture from theory to practice. In: Journal of Comparative Law Workshop: The use of Legal Culture, 20-21 May, Venice. (Unpublished)

Menski, Werner F (2010) Fuzzy law and the boundaries of secularism. In: RELIGARE, 24 June 2010, London. (Unpublished)


Nayak, Nandini (2010) Claiming the Landscape: Assertions for Land and Livelihood in south west Madhya Pradesh, India. In: Law and Social Sciences Research Network (LASSNET) Conference 2010, 27-30 December 2010, Pune, India. (Unpublished)

Naeem, M. and Neal, Mark (2010) Sustainability-integration in business school curricula in the Asia-Pacific Region: An exploratory study. In: 2nd International Conference of AGBA South Asia Chapter, 21-23 July 2010, COMSATS Institute of Information Technology, Pakistan. (Unpublished)

Neal, Mark (2010) Business education and poverty alleviation. In: Managing in the new world order: Strategies for Sustainable Business Development, 21-22 February 2010, Sur, Oman. (Unpublished)


Onyema, Emilia (2010) Modernising the Framework for Arbitration in Jamaica - Some Salient Points. In: Modernization of the Framework for Arbitration in Jamaica, Thursday 18 February 2010, University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, Kingston, Jamaica. (Unpublished)


Pizziconi, Barbara (2010) Japanese language studies and language pedagogy in the UK’s Higher Education (and the School of Oriental and African Studies). In: Globalizing Japanese Studies: Current issues in Education and Research, 6-7 March, 2010, International Center for Japanese Studies, Tokyo University of Foreign Studies. (Unpublished)

Pang, Zhaoxia (2010) Enhance Students' Oral Competence ---A Review of Study Pack Developed for Speaking-Skill Training at Elementary Level. In: International Conference of Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language organized by BCLTS, 28th -30th July, University of Cardiff. (Unpublished)

Pradella, Lucia (2010) Keynes and Marx in the Face of the Crisis. In: First International Conference in Political Economy, IIPPE, 10-12 September 2010, Crete, Greece. (Unpublished)

Pradella, Lucia (2010) The current crisis and Marxian law of impoverishment of the working class. In: Sixth International Marx Congress, September 22-25, 2010, Paris Nanterre. (Unpublished)

Pradella, Lucia (2010) Marx and Globalisation. In: Sixth International Marx Congress, September 22-25, 2010, Paris Nanterre. (Unpublished)


Shinozawa, Yoshikatsu and Chizema, Amon (2010) The "Company with Committees": Change or Continuity in Japanese Corporate Governance. In: BAA Annual Conference, April 2010, Cardiff City Hall. (Unpublished)


Than, Tharaphi (2010) Mapping the Landscape of Chinese Immigrants in the 20th Century Burma. In: Ninth International Conference on Burma Studies, Marseille, July 2010, Marseille. (Unpublished)

Than, Tharaphi (2010) Overview of the Recent Developments in Burma-China Relations. In: S. Rajaratnam School of International Studies, Nanyang Technological University [Seminar], Singapore. (Unpublished)

Than, Tharaphi (2010) Liberated Burmese Women: Myth or Reality? In: Institute of South East Asian Studies, National University of Singapore, Singapore. (Unpublished)

Thompson, Hanne-Ruth (2010) A new Bengali grammar. In: Bengali grammar lecture, September 2010, Dhaka University, Kolkata University, Visva Bharati Santiniketan. (Unpublished)


Waghmar, Burzine (2010) Matthew's Midrashic Magi. In: Zoroastrianism in the Levant: Twenty-Eighth Conference, ARAM Society for Syro-Mesopotamian Studies, 5-7 July, 2010, Oriental Institute, University of Oxford. (Unpublished)

Wood, Abigail (2010) זהויות ומרחבים בעיר העתיקה של ירושלים: השמעה של כיוונים אחרים [Identities and spaces in Jerusalem’s Old City: sounding out new directions]. In: Identity and space: annual conference of the Israel Historical Society, April 8th, 2010, Open University, Ra'anana, Israel.

Watkins, Justin (2010) Topicalisation, focus-clefts and stranded prepositions in Wa. In: 20th Meeting of the Southeast Asian Linguistics Society, 10-11 June 2010, University of Zurich. (Unpublished)

Watkins, Justin (2010) Sign language in Burma: two Burmese finger spelling systems used in Yangon. In: Burma Studies Conference 2010: Burma in the Era of Globalization, 6-9 July 2010, Université de Provence, Marseille, France. (Unpublished)


Zou, Huan (2010) External and Internal Knowledge Learning and Growth Strategies of Chinese Knowledge-Intensive New Ventures. In: The 37th Academy of International Business Annual Conference, Dublin.

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