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Authored Books

Zhao, Henry (2003) Duian de Youhuo (The Lure of the Other Shore, China-West Cultural Exchange in the 20th Century). Zhishi Publishing House (Beijing).

Zhao, Henry (2003) Shishen Yuanyou (The Muse from Cathay:How China Has Changed Modern American Poetry). Yiwen Press (Shanghai).

Zhao, Henry (2000) Lijiao Xaiyan Zhihou (After the Downward Extension of Moral Codes), Essays on Chineses Cultural History). Shanghai Wenyi Chubanshe.

Zhao, Henry (2000) Towards a Modern Zen Theatre: Gao Xingjian and Chinese theatre experimentalism. School of Oriental and African Studies.

Zhao, Henry (1995) The Uneasy Narrator, Chinese Fiction from the Traditional to the Modern. Oxford University Press.

Edited Book or Journal Volume

Zhao, H, ed. (2003) K (A Novel Translated from Chinese). Transworld (London).

Zhao, H and Ying, H, eds. (2001) Huaiwai Dalu Duojia Xuanji (An Athology of Overseas Mainland Chinese Authors). Gongren Chubanshe.

Zhao, H and Yandin, C, eds. (2000) Fissure, Chinese Writings Today III. Zephur Press (Boston).

Book Chapters

Zhao, Henry (2003) 'Introduction.' In: H., Y, (ed.), Selected Essays of the New Criticism. Baihua Press (Tianjin), pp. 1-132.

Zhao, Henry (2001) 'The End of History.' In: Neder, C and Roetz, H and Schilling, I-S, (eds.), China and Her Biographical Dimensions: Commemorative Essays for Helmut Martin. Harrassowitz (Wiesbaden), pp. 451-463.

Zhao, Henry (2001) 'Historiography & Fiction in Chinese Culture.' In: Moretti, F, (ed.), Il Romanzo, La Cultura del Romanzo. Editore Einaudi (Torino), pp. 47-70.

Zhao, Henry (2000) 'Introduction.' In: Xinpiping Wenji (Essays of the New Criticism. Baihua Wenyi Chubanshe (Tianjin), pp. 1-132.

Zhao, Henry (2000) 'Wangluo Wenxue de Dansheng (The Birth of Net-Literature in Chinese).' In: Wangluo Wenxue Congshu (Net Literature Series). Hebei Renming Chubanshe, pp. 1-5.

Zhao, Henry (1994) 'Sensing the Shift: New Wave Literature and Chinese Culture.' In: H, ed, (ed.), Under-Sky Underground: Chinese Writing Today. Wellsweep, pp. 155-168.

Journal Article

Zhao, Henry (2003) 'The River Fans Out: Chinese Fiction Since the Late 1970s.' European Review, vol. 1. pp. 193-208.

Zhao, Henry (2003) 'Wugenzhe zhi Meng (The Dream of the Unprooted, Roaming as a Theme in Chinese Diaspora Novels).' Shehui Kexue Zhanxian (Frontiers in Social Studies). pp. 67-85.

Zhao, Henry (2003) 'A fearful symmetry: the novel of the future in twentieth century China.' Bulletin of SOAS, vol. 6. pp. 456-471.

Zhao, Henry (2001) 'Bian Zhilin yu Ouzhou Wenxuejia de Jiaowang� (Bian Zhilin and European Writers).' Zhonghua Wenxue Xuankan, June. pp. 34-39.

Zhao, Henry (2001) 'Du Liangben Weixie de Shu: Wu Mi de Xinjiu Yinyuan, Mao Dun de Xia� (Reading Two Unwritten Novels: Wu Mi�s A New Old Romance and Mao Dun�s Morning Glow).' Shanghai Wenyi, August. pp. 77-80.

Zhao, Henry (2001) 'Hou Cangjie Shidai de Zhongguo Wenxue� (Chinese Writing in Post-Canjie Era).' Huacheng, No. 5. pp. 202-207.

Zhao, Henry (2001) 'Hu Yuzhi yu Shijieyu Yundong� (Hu Yuzhi and the Language of the World),.' Renwen Zazhi, No.1. pp. 62-64.

Zhao, Henry (2001) 'Youzui Tuiding Shide Wenxue Piping� (�Guilty Till Proved Innocent� in Literary Criticism).' Ershiyi Shiji, No.1. pp. 111-114.

Zhao, Henry (2001) 'Zhisheng yu Dasu, Lun Gao Xingjian de Bayue Xue� (Saintliness in the Vulgar, on Gao Xingjian�s Snow in August).' Lianhe Wenxue, Januar. pp. 89-94.

Zhao, Henry (2000) 'Ershishiji Zhingguo de Weilai Xiaoshuo (Chinese Novels of the Future in the 20th Century).' Huacheng, vol. 1. pp. 194-207.

Zhao, Henry (2000) 'Gao Xingjian Zai Shijie Xiju Zhongde Diwei (Gao Xinagjian's Position in World Theatre).' Ershiyi Shiji, No 6. pp. 40-44.

Zhao, Henry (2000) 'Shenxing de Zhengming� (Testimony to Deity, An Interpretation of Shi Tiesheng�s Novels).' Huacheng, No.1. pp. 198-207.

Zhao, Henry (2000) 'To Go Pop of Not, That's Beyond Question.' New Left Review, 2. pp. 139-144.

Zhao, Henry (2000) 'Xia Guo Diyu de Shiren Mu Dan� (Mu Dan, The Poet That Came Through Purgatory),.' Lianhe Wenxue, Decemb. pp. 144-147.

Zhao, Henry (2000) 'Yujie You Chan, Ping Gao Xingjian Zuoping Zhongde Nannu Guanxi� (Zen Is Possible in the Realm of Desire, Sexual Relations in Gao Xingjian�s Works).' Mingbao Yuekan, Octobe. pp. 15-21.

Zhao, Henry (2000) 'Zhu Xiang de Liumei Zhi Nu (Zhu Xiang�s Patriotism as a Student in America).' Lianhe Wenxue, June. pp. 161-163.

Zhao, Henry (1997) 'Post-Ims and Chinese Conservatism.' New Literary History, Winter. pp. 31-44.

Conference or Workshop Items

Zhao, Henry (2003) Modernisn, History, Thought: Visions of Social Interchange - "Buddist Modernity", as Seen in Recent Chinese Art & Literature. In: UNSPECIFIED.


Zhao, Henry (2000) 'Liugge Yingguo Wenren zai Zhongguo (Six British Men of Letters in China: I A Richards, W Empson, S Maugham, W H Auden, A Waley, H Acton).' In: BBC World Service.

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