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Authored Books

Scott-Baumann, Alison and Perfect, Simon (2021) Freedom of speech in universities : Islam, charities and counter-terrorism. London: Routledge. (Islam in the world) (Forthcoming)

Scott-Baumann, Alison, Guest, Matthew, Naguib, Shurub, Cherurallil-Contractor, Sariya, Phoenix, Aisha, Al Bagual, Tarek and Yenn, Lee (2020) Islam on Campus: Contested Identities and the Cultures of Higher Education in Britain. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Scott-Baumann, Alison and Cheruvallil-Contractor, Sariya (2015) Islamic Education in Britain: pluralist paradigms. London; New York: Bloomsbury.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2013) Ricoeur and the negation of happiness. New York; London: Bloomsbury.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2011) Ricoeur and the hermeneutics of suspicion. New York; London: Continuum.

Edited Book or Journal Volume

Simone Roberts, M. F. and Scott-Baumann, Alison, eds. (2010) Iris Murdoch and the Moral Imagination: Essays. Jefferson, NC.: McFarland.

Scott-Baumann, Alison and Roberts, M. F. Simone, eds. (2010) Iris Murdoch and the Moral Imaginations: Essays. Jefferson, NC: McFarland.

Book Chapters

Lee, Yenn and Scott-Baumann, Alison (2020) 'Digital ecology of free speech: Authenticity, identity, and self-censorship.' In: Yates, Simeon and Rice, Ronald E., (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Digital Technology and Society. Oxford University Press.

Scott-Baumann, Alison, Gibbs, Paul, Elwick, Alex and Maguire, Kate (2019) 'What do we know about the implementations of equality, diversity and inclusion in the workplace?' In: Gibbs, Paul, Bartels-Ellis, Fiona and Özbilgin, Mustafa F., (eds.), Global Diversity Management: A Fusion of Ideas, Stories and Practice. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, pp. 11-23. (Management for Professionals)

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2019) 'The values of liberté, égalité, fraternité fifty years on: why the 'free speech' debate makes it even less likely that Mai '68 could happen in Britain now than it was then.' In: Gibbs, Paul, Jameson, Jill and Elwick, Alex, (eds.), Values of the University in a Time of Uncertainty. Cham, Switzerland: Springer, pp. 217-228.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2018) 'Trust Within Reason: How to Trump the Hermeneutics of Suspicion on Campus.' In: Yaqin, Amina, Morey, Peter and Soliman, Asmaa, (eds.), Muslims, Trust and Multiculturalism: New Directions. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 51-72. (Palgrave Politics of Identity and Citizenship Series)

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2018) 'United Kingdom.' In: Yearbook of Muslims in Europe; Vol 9. Leiden: Brill, pp. 711-730.

Scott-Baumann, Alison and Cheruvallil-Contractor, Sariya (2016) 'An Islamic perspective: What does Islam offer to the contemporary debate?' In: Heap, Stephen, (ed.), The Universities we Need: Theological Perspectives. Abingdon; New York: Routledge, pp. 124-142.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2016) 'Speak to Silence and Identify Absence on Campus: Sister Prudence and Paul Ricoeur on the Negated Woman Question.' In: Feminist Explorations of Paul Ricoeur's Philosophy. Lanham, MD: Lexington; Rowman & Littlefield.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2011) 'Developing Islamic Higher Education for a secular university sector: Orientalism in Reverse?' In: Muslim Schools and Education in Europe and South Africa. Munster; New York: Waxmann.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2011) 'Unveiling Orientalism in reverse.' In: Gabriel, Theodore and Hannan, Rabiha, (eds.), Islam and the Veil. London; New York: Continuum, pp. 20-35.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2010) 'Nausea under The Net.' In: Simone Roberts, M. F. and Scott-Baumann, Alison, (eds.), Iris Murdoch and the Moral Imaginations: Essays. Jefferson, NC.: McFarland.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2007) 'Collaborative Partnerships as Sustainable Pedagogy: Working with British Muslims.' In: Roberts, Carolyn and Roberts, Jane, (eds.), Greener by degrees; exploring sustainability through higher education curriculum. Cheltenham: University of Gloucestershire.

Journal Article

Scott-Baumann, Alison, Ebbiary, Alyaa, Ad Duha Mohammad, Shams, Dhorat, Safiyya, Begum, Shahanaz, Pandor, Hassan and Stolyar, Julia (2019) 'Towards Contextualized Islamic Leadership: Paraguiding and the Universities and Muslim Seminaries Project.' Religions, 10 (12). p. 662.

Scott-Baumann, Alison and Esposti, Emanuelle Degli (2019) 'Fighting for “Justice”, Engaging the Other : Shi’a Muslim Activism on the British University Campus.' Religions, 10 (3). pp. 1-17.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2018) 'The modulus of elasticity: Islam, art and populism in postcolonial securitized Europe.' Francosphères, 7 (2). pp. 147-162.

Scott-Baumann, Alison and Marcelo, Gonçalo (2018) 'Introduction – On the Challenge of Migration: Critical Hermeneutical Perspectives.' Critical Hermeneutics, 2 (1). I-XVI.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2018) '‘Dual Use Research of Concern’ and ‘Select Agents’: How Researchers Can Use Free Speech to Avoid ‘Weaponising’ Academia.' Journal of Muslims in Europe, 7 (2). pp. 237-261.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2017) 'Ideology, utopia and Islam on campus: how to free speech a little from its own terrors.' Education, Citizenship and Social Justice, 12 (2). pp. 159-176.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2013) 'Ricoeur, the bioethics of happiness and related delusional states.' Bioética y hermenéutica. La ética deliberativa de Paul Ricœur: Actas del Congreso Internacional.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2013) 'Ricoeur and counter-terror rhetoric: a calculus of negation.' LoSguardo - Rivista di filosofia, 2 (12). pp. 81-93.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2012) 'Arabic language and Islamic Studies: who studies Arabic and how can these skills be used at university and beyond?' Perspectives.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2012) 'Ricoeur and Murdoch: the idea and the practice of metaphor and parable.' Il Protagora, XXXIX (17). pp. 67-79.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2010) 'Ricoeur’s Translation Model as a Mutual Labour of Understanding.' Theory, Culture & Society, 27 (5). pp. 69-85.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2010) 'Ricoeur’s translation model as a mutual labour of understanding.' Theory Culture and Society, 27 (5). pp. 69-85.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2010) 'Enhancing the visibility of Muslim women in Islamic Studies.' Perspectives 2: Teaching Islamic Studies in higher education.

Monographs and Working Papers

Guest, Mathew, Scott-Baumann, Alison, Cheruvallil-Contractor, Sariya, Naguib, Shuruq, Phoenix, Aisha, Lee, Yenn and Al-Baghal, Tarek (2020) Islam and Muslims on UK University Campuses: perceptions and challenges. Durham University, SOAS, Coventry University, Lancaster University.

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2010) Muslim Faith Leader Training Review with Dr Mukadam. Department for Communities and Local Government. Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG).

Mukadam, Mohamed, Scott-Baumann, Alison, Chowdhary, Ashfaque and Contractor, Sariya (2010) The training and development of Muslim Faith Leaders Current practice and future possibilities. Department for Communities and Local Government.

Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs

Scott-Baumann, Alison (2017) No platform isn't the real problem for free speech on campus. Guardian HE Online [Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs]


Scott-Baumann, Alison, trans. (2010) Being a stranger by Paul Ricoeur. Theory, Culture & Society, 27 (5). Sage. pp. 37-48.


Scott-Baumann, Alison (2017) Today programme Radio 4, 4 Nov 2017. BBC. [Audio]

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