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Edited Book or Journal Volume

Neveling, Patrick, Strümpell, Christian and Münster, Daniel, eds. (2014) The making of neoliberal India. New Delhi: Sage. (Contributions to Indian Sociology)

Neveling, Patrick, ed. (2010) Sociologus, vol. 60 (1). Berlin: Duncker & Humblot. (Sociologus)

Klien, Susanne and Neveling, Patrick, eds. (2010) Tradition within and beyond the framework of invention: Case studies from the Mascarenes and Japan. Halle-Wittenberg: Centre for Interdisciplinary Area Studies. (Orientwissenschaftliche Hefte: Vol. 28)

Neveling, Patrick, ed. (2009) Etnográfica, Vol. 13 (2). Lisbon: Centro em Rede de Investigacao em Antropologia - CRIA. (Etnográfica)

Book Chapters

Neveling, Patrick (2016) 'Beyond sites and methods: The field, history and global capitalism.' In: Hyatt, Susan, Kingsolver, Ann and Coleman, Simon, (eds.), Routledge Companion to Contemporary Anthropology. London: Routledge, pp. 72-91. (Routledge Anthropology Handbooks)

Neveling, Patrick (2015) 'Export processing zones and global class formation.' In: Carrier, James and Kalb, Don, (eds.), Anthropologies of class: Power, practice, and inequality. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 164-182.

Neveling, Patrick (2015) 'Export processing zones, special economic zones and the long March of capitalist development policies during the Cold War.' In: James, Leslie and Leake, Elisabeth, (eds.), Decolonization and the Cold War: Negotiating independence. London: Bloomsbury, pp. 63-84.

Neveling, Patrick (2015) 'Flexible capitalism and transactional orders in colonial and postcolonial Mauritius: A post-occidentalist view.' In: Kjaerulf, Jens, (ed.), Flexible capitalism : Exchange and ambiguity at work. Oxford: Berghahn, pp. 207-234.

Neveling, Patrick (2013) 'A periodisation of Mauritian integration into the global sugar commodity chain (1825-2005).' In: Curry-Machado, Jonathan, (ed.), Global Histories, Imperial Commodities, Local Interactions. Basingstoke: Palgrave, pp. 121-142.

Neveling, Patrick (2012) 'Die Dekonstruktion von Traditionen als Macht- und Klassenfrage – Eine Präzisierung des Erfindungsparadigmas.' In: Faschingeder, G. and Mückler, H., (eds.), Tradition und Traditionalismus: Zur Instrumentalisierung eines Identitätskonzeptes. Vienna: Promedia, pp. 231-246.

Neveling, Patrick and Klien, Susanne (2010) 'Introduction: Tradition within and beyond the framework of invention.' In: Klien, Susanne and Neveling, Patrick, (eds.), Tradition within and beyond the framework of invention: Case studies from the Mascarenes and Japan. Halle-Wittenberg: Centre for Interdisciplinary Area Studies, pp. 1-52. (Orientwissenschaftliche Hefte: Vol. 28)

Neveling, Patrick and Klien, Susanne (2010) 'The salience of traditions, inventions and global integration compared: Japan and the Mascarene Islands.' In: Neveling, Patrick and Klien, Susanne, (eds.), Tradition within and beyond the framework of invention: Case studies from the Mascarenes and Japan. Halle-Wittenberg: Centre for Interdisciplinary Area Studies, pp. 53-61. (Orientwissenschaftliche Hefte: Vol. 28)

Journal Article

Neveling, Patrick (2017) 'The political economy machinery: toward a critical anthropology of development as a contested capitalist practice.' Dialectical Anthropology, 41 (2). pp. 163-183.

Neveling, Patrick (2016) 'Hope’s global systemic paradox’, in Salverda, T. Hope for the Future? – Efforts and Ideas to Improve the Current Economic Predicament.' Voices from Around the World – An Alternative Online Journal.

Neveling, Patrick (2014) 'Structural contingencies and untimely coincidences in the making of neoliberal India: The Kandla Free Trade Zone, 1965–91.' Contributions to Indian Sociology, 48 (1). pp. 17-43.

Neveling, Patrick (2014) 'Three Shades of Embeddedness, State Capitalism as the Informal Economy, Emic Notions of the Anti-Market, and Counterfeit Garments in the Mauritian Export Processing Zone.' Research in Economic Anthropology, 34. pp. 65-94.

Wergin, Carsten and Neveling, Patrick (2010) 'Tourism and Scale.' Anthropology News, 51 (8). pp. 3-4.

Neveling, Patrick (2010) 'Einleitende Überlegungen: Wissen um Veränderung – Entwicklung, Geschichte, sozialer Wandel.' Sociologus, 60 (1). pp. 1-13.

Neveling, Patrick (2010) 'Vom Nutzen der Geschichte, vom Wissen der Akteure und vom Nachteil der Multi-Sited Ethnography – Welthandel, Wirtschaftskrise und Standortwettbewerb in Mauritius Anfang des 21. Jahrhunderts.' Sociologus, 60 (1). pp. 71-97.

Neveling, Patrick and Wergin, Carsten (2009) 'Projects of scale-making: new perspectives for the anthropology of tourism.' Etnografica, 13 (2). pp. 315-342.

Monographs and Working Papers

Neveling, Patrick (2012) A periodisation of globalisation according to the Mauritian integration into the international sugar commodity chain (1825-2005) Commodities of Empire Working Paper No.18. The Open University: Milton Keynes.

Neveling, Patrick (2006) Spirits of Capitalism and the De-alienation of Workers: a Historical Perspective on the Mauritian Garment Industry. Halle-Wittenberg: Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg.

Book Reviews

Neveling, Patrick (2014) 'Review: Thomas Piketty "Capital in the Twenty-First Century.' Allegra - A Virtual Lab of Legal Anthropology .

Neveling, Patrick (2014) 'Review of: Die Erfindung des Bruttosozialprodukts. Globale Ungleichheit in der Wissensgeschichte der Ökonomie.' Comparativ . pp. 140-3.

Neveling, Patrick (2013) 'Review of: Chagos Islanders in Mauritius and the UK. Forced displacement and onward migration by Laura Jeffery, Manchester University Press, 2011.' Social Anthropology, 21 (1). pp. 106-107.

Neveling, Patrick (2007) 'Reviews: Das afro-asiatische Mittelmeer oder doch der Indische Ozean?' Connections. A Journal for Historians and Area Specialists .


Neveling, Patrick (2012) Manifestationen der Globalisierung : Kapital, Staat und Arbeit in Mauritius, 1825 - 2005. PhD thesis. University of Halle-Wittenburg.


Neveling, Patrick and Trapido, Joe (2015) 'Modes of production : Try Again, Fail Better?' FocaalBlog .

Trapido, Joe and Neveling, Patrick (2015) 'Modes of production: Try again, fail better?' focaalblog (Nov 10).

Neveling, Patrick and Morcom, Anna (2015) 'Feature: Music & Capitalism [Edited Feature].' FocaalBlog, Feature Section .

Neveling, Patrick (2015) 'Free trade zones, export processing zones, special economic zones and global imperial formations 200 BCE to 2015 CE.' In: The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 1007-1016.

Neveling, Patrick (2014) 'Capitalism: The most recent seventy-two years.' FocaalBlog .

Neveling, Patrick and Kalb, Don (2014) 'Engaging Capitalism: Anthropology and capitalism: Beyond gifts versus market [Edited Feature].' In: Focaal Blog, Inaugural Feature Section. Focaal Blog [Inaugural Feature Section] .

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