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Edited Book or Journal Volume

Neveling, Patrick and Strümpell, Christian and Münster, Daniel, eds. (2014) The making of neoliberal India. Sage Publications. (Contributions to Indian Sociology)

Neveling, Patrick, ed. (2010) Sociologus, vol. 60 (1). Berlin: Duncker & Humblot. (Sociologus)

Klien, Susanne and Neveling, Patrick, eds. (2010) Tradition within and beyond the framework of invention: Case studies from the Mascarenes and Japan. Halle-Wittenberg: Centre for Interdisciplinary Area Studies. (Orientwissenschaftliche Hefte: Vol. 28)

Neveling, Patrick, ed. (2009) Etnográfica, Vol. 13 (2). Centro em Rede de Investigacao em Antropologia - CRIA. (Etnográfica)

Book Chapters

Neveling, Patrick (2016) 'Beyond sites and methods: The field, history and global capitalism.' In: Hyatt, S. and Kingsolver, A. and Coleman, S., (eds.), Routledge Companion to Contemporary Anthropology. London: Routledge, pp. 72-91.

Neveling, Patrick (2015) 'Export processing zones and global class formation.' In: Carrier, J. and Kalb, D., (eds.), Anthropologies of class: Power, practice, and inequality. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 164-182.

Neveling, Patrick (2015) 'Export processing zones, special economic zones and the long March of capitalist development policies during the Cold War.' In: James, L. and Leake, E., (eds.), Decolonization and the Cold War: Negotiating independence. London: Bloomsbury, pp. 63-84.

Neveling, Patrick (2015) 'Flexible capitalism and transactional orders in colonial and postcolonial Mauritius: A post-occidentalist view.' In: Kjaerulf, Jens, (ed.), Flexible capitalism : Exchange and ambiguity at work. Oxford: Berghahn, pp. 207-234.

Neveling, Patrick (2013) 'A periodisation of Mauritian integration into the global sugar commodity chain (1825-2005).' In: Curry-Machado, J., (ed.), Global Histories, Imperial Commodities, Local Interactions. Basingstoke: Palgrave, pp. 121-142.

Neveling, Patrick (2012) 'Die Dekonstruktion von Traditionen als Macht- und Klassenfrage – Eine Präzisierung des Erfindungsparadigmas.' In: Faschingeder, G. and Mückler, H., (eds.), Tradition und Traditionalismus: Zur Instrumentalisierung eines Identitätskonzeptes. Vienna: Promedia, pp. 231-246.

Neveling, Patrick and Klien, Susanne (2010) 'Introduction: Tradition within and beyond the framework of invention.' In: Klien, Susanne and Neveling, Patrick, (eds.), Tradition within and beyond the framework of invention: Case studies from the Mascarenes and Japan. Halle-Wittenberg: Centre for Interdisciplinary Area Studies, pp. 1-52. (Orientwissenschaftliche Hefte: Vol. 28)

Neveling, Patrick and Klien, Susanne (2010) 'The salience of traditions, inventions and global integration compared: Japan and the Mascarene Islands.' In: Neveling, Patrick and Klien, Susanne, (eds.), Tradition within and beyond the framework of invention: Case studies from the Mascarenes and Japan. Halle-Wittenberg: Centre for Interdisciplinary Area Studies, pp. 53-61. (Orientwissenschaftliche Hefte: Vol. 28)

Journal Article

Neveling, Patrick (2017) 'The political economy machinery: toward a critical anthropology of development as a contested capitalist practice.' Dialectical Anthropology, 41 (2). pp. 163-183.

Neveling, Patrick (2016) 'Hope’s global systemic paradox’, in Salverda, T. Hope for the Future? – Efforts and Ideas to Improve the Current Economic Predicament.' Voices from Around the World – An Alternative Online Journal.

Neveling, Patrick (2014) 'Structural contingencies and untimely coincidences in the making of neoliberal India: The Kandla Free Trade Zone, 1965–91.' Contributions to Indian Sociology, 48 (1). pp. 17-43.

Neveling, Patrick (2014) 'Three Shades of Embeddedness, State Capitalism as the Informal Economy, Emic Notions of the Anti-Market, and Counterfeit Garments in the Mauritian Export Processing Zone.' Research in Economic Anthropology, 34. pp. 65-94.

Wergin, Carsten and Neveling, Patrick (2010) 'Tourism and Scale.' Anthropology News, 51 (8). pp. 3-4.

Neveling, Patrick (2010) 'Einleitende Überlegungen: Wissen um Veränderung – Entwicklung, Geschichte, sozialer Wandel.' Sociologus, 60 (1). pp. 1-13.

Neveling, Patrick (2010) 'Vom Nutzen der Geschichte, vom Wissen der Akteure und vom Nachteil der Multi-Sited Ethnography – Welthandel, Wirtschaftskrise und Standortwettbewerb in Mauritius Anfang des 21. Jahrhunderts.' Sociologus, 60 (1). pp. 71-97.

Neveling, Patrick and Wergin, Carsten (2009) 'Projects of scale-making: new perspectives for the anthropology of tourism.' Etnografica, 13 (2). pp. 315-342.

Monographs and Working Papers

Neveling, Patrick (2012) A periodisation of globalisation according to the Mauritian integration into the international sugar commodity chain (1825-2005) Commodities of Empire Working Paper No.18. The Open University: Milton Keynes.

Neveling, Patrick (2006) Spirits of Capitalism and the De-alienation of Workers: a Historical Perspective on the Mauritian Garment Industry. Halle-Wittenberg: Martin Luther University of Halle-Wittenberg.

Book Reviews

Neveling, Patrick (2014) 'Review: Thomas Piketty "Capital in the Twenty-First Century.' Allegra - A Virtual Lab of Legal Anthropology .

Neveling, Patrick (2014) 'Review of: Die Erfindung des Bruttosozialprodukts. Globale Ungleichheit in der Wissensgeschichte der Ökonomie.' Comparativ . pp. 140-3.

Neveling, Patrick (2013) 'Review of: Chagos Islanders in Mauritius and the UK. Forced displacement and onward migration by Laura Jeffery, Manchester University Press, 2011.' Social Anthropology, 21 (1). pp. 106-107.

Neveling, Patrick (2007) 'Reviews: Das afro-asiatische Mittelmeer oder doch der Indische Ozean?' Connections. A Journal for Historians and Area Specialists .


Neveling, Patrick (2012) Manifestationen der Globalisierung : Kapital, Staat und Arbeit in Mauritius, 1825 - 2005. PhD thesis. University of Halle-Wittenburg.


Neveling, Patrick and Trapido, Joe (2015) 'Modes of production : Try Again, Fail Better?' FocaalBlog .

Trapido, Joe and Neveling, Patrick (2015) 'Modes of production: Try again, fail better?' focaalblog (Nov 10).

Neveling, Patrick and Morcom, Anna (2015) 'Feature: Music & Capitalism [Edited Feature].' FocaalBlog, Feature Section .

Neveling, Patrick (2015) 'Free trade zones, export processing zones, special economic zones and global imperial formations 200 BCE to 2015 CE.' In: The Palgrave Encyclopedia of Imperialism and Anti-Imperialism. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. pp. 1007-1016.

Neveling, Patrick (2014) 'Capitalism: The most recent seventy-two years.' FocaalBlog .

Neveling, Patrick and Kalb, Don eds. (2014) 'Engaging Capitalism: Anthropology and capitalism: Beyond gifts versus market [Edited Feature].' In: Focaal Blog, Inaugural Feature Section. Focaal Blog [Inaugural Feature Section] .

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