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Authored Books

Dikötter, Frank (2010) Mao's Great Famine: The History of China's most devastating catastrophe, 1958-62. London: Bloomsbury.

Dikötter, Frank (2007) Things Modern. Material Culture and Everyday Life in China. London: Hurst and Co..

Dikötter, Frank, Laamann, Lars and Zhou, Xun (2004) Narcotic Culture: A History of Drugs in China. London: Hurst and Co..

Dikötter, Frank (2003) 'Patient zero': China and the myth of the opium plague. London: SOAS University of London.

Dikötter, Frank (2002) Crime, Punishment and the Prison in Modern China. Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press.

Dikötter, Frank (1998) Imperfect conceptions: Medical Knowledge, birth defects and eugenics in China. London: Hurst and Co..

Book Chapters

Dikötter, Frank (2007) 'The Promise of Repentance: The Prison in Modern China.' In: Dikötter, Frank and Brown, Ian, (eds.), Cultures of Confinement. A History of the Prison in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, pp. 269-303.

Brown, Ian (2007) 'South East Asia: Reform and the Colonial Prison.' In: Dikötter, Frank and Brown, Ian, (eds.), Cultures of Confinement. A History of the Prison in Africa, Asia and Latin America. New York, NY: Cornell University Press, pp. 221-68.

Dikötter, Frank (2005) ''Minguo shiqi de modeng wanyi, wenhua pincou yu richang shenghuo' (Things modern, cultural bricolage and everyday life in republican China).' In: Li, Xiaoti, (ed.), Zhongguo de chengshi shenghuo (City life in China) = 中國的城市生活. Taipei: Lianjing, pp. 477-96.

Dikötter, Frank (2005) 'Penology and reformation in modern China.' In: Bakken, Børge, (ed.), Crime, policing and criminology in China. Lanham, MD: Lanham: Rowman and Littlefield, pp. 29-63.

Dikötter, Frank (2003) 'Crime and punishment in post-liberation China.' In: Lawrance, A., (ed.), China since 1919: Revolution and reform. A sourcebook. London: Routledge, pp. 147-59.

Dikötter, Frank (2003) 'Global science, national politics and assimilationist discourse in modern China.' In: Chang, Bin and He, Cuiping, (eds.), State, market and ethnic groups contextualized = 國家, 市場與脈絡化的族群. Taipei: Academia Sinica, pp. 251-278.

Dikötter, Frank (2003) 'Non-Western traditions: China.' In: Porter, Roy, (ed.), The Cambridge history of science, volume 4, The eighteenth century. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, pp. 688-97.

Dikötter, Frank (2003) 'Racial discourse in China.' In: Stone, John and Dennis, Rutledge, (eds.), Race and ethnicity: comparative and theoretical approaches. London: Blackwell, pp. 125-136.

Dikötter, Frank (2003) 'Sexualleben.' In: Staiger, B., (ed.), Das grosse China-Lexikon: Geschichte, Geographie, Gesellschaft, Politik, Wirtschaft, Bildung, Wissenschaft, Kultur. Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft, pp. 665-668.

Dikötter, Frank (2002) 'Eugenics in Asia.' In: Smelser, Neil J. and Bates, Paul, (eds.), International encyclopedia of the social and behaviour sciences. London: Pergamon.

Dikötter, Frank (2002) 'Race culture: Recent perspectives on the history of eugenics.' In: Grewal, I and Kaplan, C, (eds.), An Introduction to women's studies. New York: McGraw-Hill, pp. 69-72.

Dikötter, Frank (2002) 'Race in China.' In: Goldberg, David Theo and Solomos, John, (eds.), A companion to racial and ethnic studies. Oxford: Blackwell, pp. 495-510.

Dikötter, Frank (2001) 'Geti de shengzhi, zhengti de jianglai: Minguo de youshengxue.' In: Huang, Kewu and Zhang, Zhejia, (eds.), Si yu gong: Jindai Zhongguo geti yu zhengti zhi chongjian. Taibei: Zhongyang yanjiuyuan jindaishi yanjiusuo jikan, pp. 203-222.

Dikötter, Frank (2000) 'Identidad.' In: Fisac, Taciana and Tsang, Steve, (eds.), China en Transición. Sociedad, cultura, política y economía. Barcelona: Edicions Bellaterra, pp. 165-188.

Dikötter, Frank (2000) ''La sexualité et les maladies sexuellement transmissibles en Chine: Discours médical et représentations culturelles.' In: Blanc, M-E, Husson, L and Micollier, E, (eds.), Sociétés asiatiques face au Sida. Paris: L'Harmattan, pp. 23-39.

Dikötter, Frank (1997) 'A History of Sexually Transmitted Diseases in China.' In: Lewis, M, Bamber, S and Waugh, M, (eds.), Sex Disease and Society: A Comparative History of Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV/Aids in Asia and the Pacific. Wesport (Conn.): Greenwood Press, pp. 67-83.

Dikötter, Frank (1997) 'Racial Discourse in China: Continuities and Permutations.' In: Dikötter, Frank, (ed.), The Construction of Racial Identities in China and Japan: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives. London: Hurst, pp. 12-33.

Journal Article

Dikötter, Frank (2004) '"A paradise for rascals": Colonialism, punishment and the prison in Hong Kong (1841-1898).' Crime, History and Societies = Crime, Histoire et Société, 8 (3). 49- 63.

Dikötter, Frank (2003) 'The emergence of labour camps in Shandong province, 1942-1950.' The China Quarterly, 175. pp. 803-817.

Dikötter, Frank (2002) 'A Cultural History of the Syringe in Modern China.' Twentieth-Century China, 28 (1). pp. 37-56.

Dikötter, Frank, Laamann, Lars and Zhou, Xun (2002) 'Narcotic Culture: A Social History of Drug consumption in China.' British Journal of Criminology, 42 (2). pp. 317-336.

Dikötter, Frank (2002) 'The promise of repentance: Prison reform in modern China.' British Journal of Criminology, 42 (2). pp. 240-49.

Dikötter, Frank (2000) 'Crime and punishment in early republican China: Beijing's first model prison, 1912-1922.' Late Imperial China, 21 (2). pp. 140-162.

Dikötter, Frank (1997) 'Crime and punishment in post-liberation China: The prisoners of Beijing gaol in the 1950s.' The China Quarterly, 149. pp. 147-59.


Dikötter, Frank (1990) White Ash and Black Coal: The Perception of Race in Modern China 1793-1949. PhD thesis. SOAS University of London. DOI:

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