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Authored Books

Bruno, Cosima (2012) Between the Lines: Yang Lian's Poetry through Translation. Leiden: Brill. (Sinica Leidiensa)

Edited Book or Journal Volume

Bruno, Cosima, Klein, Lucas and Song, Chris, eds. (2023) The Bloomsbury Handbook of Modern Chinese Literature in Translation. London: Bloomsbury. (Bloomsbury Handbooks)

Bruno, Cosima and Tarocco, Francesca, eds. (2008) Made in China: nuovi scrittori. Milano: Mondadori.

Book Chapters

Bruno, Cosima (2023) 'The Form of Music: Polyphony and Contra-dictions in Ouyang Jianghe’s Poetry.' In: Santone, Laura, (ed.), Rimediare, performare, intermediare: il corpo sonoro della scrittura. Roma, Italy: Roma TrE-Press. (Prismes) (Forthcoming)

Bruno, Cosima, Klein, Lucas and Song, Chris (2023) 'Introduction. Mapping Modern Chinese Literature in Translation.' In: Bruno, Cosima, Klein, Lucas and Song, Chris, (eds.), The Bloomsbury Handbook of Modern Chinese Literature in Translation. London, New York, Dublin: Bloomsbury, pp. 1-12. (Literary Studies)

Bruno, Cosima (2023) 'Translation in a Multilingual Context: Six Authors Writing the City.' In: Bruno, Cosima, Klein, Lucas and Song, Chris, (eds.), The Bloomsbury Handbook of Modern Chinese Literature in Translation. London, New York, Dublin: Bloomsbury, pp. 319-331.

Bruno, Cosima (2023) ''It Can't Be All in One Language': Poetry in the diverse language.' In: Codeluppi, Martina and Gallo, Simona, (eds.), Mother Tongue and Other Tongues: Translation and Creation in Sinophone Poetry. Amsterdam: Brill. (Forthcoming)

Bruno, Cosima (2023) 'La traduzione del testo poetico. Il suono nell'immagine, l'immagine nel suono.' In: Pesaro, Nicoletta, (ed.), La traduzione del cinese: Riflessioni, strategie e tipologie testuali. Milano: Hoepli, pp. 73-97.

Bruno, Cosima (2022) 'Burning words: Deng Dafei’s Dark Utopia 2.' In: Berg, Daria and Strafella, Giorgio, (eds.), China's Avant-Garde, 1978-2018. London: Routledge. (Media, Culture and Social Change in Asia)

Bruno, Cosima (2022) 'Shared Sensibilities: The experience of nature in contemporary Chinese poetry.' In: Moratto, Riccardo, Pesaro, Nicoletta and Chao, Di-kai, (eds.), Ecocriticism and Chinese Literature. Imagined Landscapes and Real Lived Spaces. London: Routledge. (Routledge Contemporary China Series)

Bruno, Cosima (2020) 'Yang Lian.' In: Lupke, Christopher and Moran, Thomas, (eds.), Dictionary of Literary Biography: Chinese Poets since 1949. Michigan: Gale, pp. 233-242. (Dictionary of Literary Biography)

Bruno, Cosima (2019) 'Translation Poetry: The Poetics of Noise in Hsia Yü’s Pink Noise.' In: Reynolds, Matthew, (ed.), Prismatic Translation. Cambridge: Legenda. (Transcript 10)

Bruno, Cosima (2018) 'Experimental and Opaque Poetry: Bei Dao, Shu Ting, Gu Cheng, and Others.' In: Gu, Ming Dong, (ed.), Routledge Handbook of Modern Chinese Literature. Abingdon; New York: Routledge, pp. 491-501.

Bruno, Cosima (2012) 'Words by the Look: Issues in Translating Chinese Visual Poetry.' In: St. André, James and Peng, Hsiao-Yen, (eds.), China and Its Others. Knowledge Transfer through Translation, 1829-2010. Amsterdam and New York: Rodopi, pp. 245-276. (Approaches to Translation Studies)

Bruno, Cosima (2006) 'English/Chinese – Chinese/Chinese. On Reading Poetry through Translation.' In: Hermans, Theo, (ed.), Translating Others. Manchester: St Jerome Publishing, pp. 219-235.

Bruno, Cosima and Xi, Chuan (2004) 'Xi Chuan fang tanlu: da Mina wen.' In: Du, Xi and Hua, Guo, (eds.), Xianfeng shige dang'an. Chongqing: Chongqing chubanshe, pp. 94-97.

Journal Article

Bruno, Cosima and Yan, Lianjun (2023) 'Intersections, Interactions, Integrations: Chronological Entanglement of a Chinese Poem.' Prism: Theory and Modern Chinese Literature, 20 (1). pp. 163-176.

Bruno, Cosima (2022) 'Animal Talk: The Sentient and the Sensible in Contemporary Chinese Poetry.' Transpositiones, 1 (1). pp. 149-164.

Bruno, Cosima (2018) 'Thinking Other People's Thoughts: Brian Holton's Translations from Classical Chinese into Scots.' Translation and Literature, 27 (3). pp. 306-318.

Bruno, Cosima (2018) 'Dog Barking at the Moon: Transcreation of a Meme in Art and Poetry.' Journal of Modern Literature in Chinese, 14 (2). pp. 161-186.

Bruno, Cosima (2017) 'Breaking Language Down: Taiwan Sound Poetry and its Ways of Saying.' Concentric: Literary and Cultural Studies, 43 (2). pp. 33-56.

Bruno, Cosima (2017) 'Writing in London. Home and Languaging in the Work of London Poets of Chinese Descent.' Life Writing, 14 (1). pp. 37-55.

Bruno, Cosima (2013) 'Contemporary Poetry from Macau.' Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, 16 (5). pp. 750-769.

Bruno, Cosima (2012) 'The Public Life of Contemporary Chinese Poetry in English Translation.' Target: International Journal of Translation Studies, 24 (2). pp. 253-285.

Bruno, Cosima (2006) 'Chinese Literary Trends in the Last Quarter of a Century.' Black Mountain Review, 14 (Autumn). pp. 103-111.

Bruno, Cosima (2005) 'Sulla conoscenza deittica di un'altra cultura [On the Deictic Knowledge of Another Culture].' Itinerari d’impresa. Management diritto formazione (6). pp. 189-198.

Bruno, Cosima (2003) 'Yang Lian shige zhong de zhuguanxing. [Subjectivity in Yang Lian's Poetry].' Shi tansuo [Poetry Exploration], 49-50. pp. 208-222.

Bruno, Cosima (1999) 'Leggendo Qu Youyuan Ouyang Jianghe Xi Chuan Yu Jian [Reading Ouyang Jianghe Xi Chuan Yu Jian Qu Youyuan].' In Forma di parole (1). pp. 263-270.

Book Reviews

Bruno, Cosima (2017) 'Review of: The pushing-hands of translation and its theory: in memoriam of Martha Cheung, 1953-2013.' The Translator, 23 (3). pp. 348-352.

Bruno, Cosima (2013) 'A Common Strangeness.' China Quarterly, 214 . pp. 497-498.

Bruno, Cosima (2010) 'Review of: 'Voices in Revolution. Poetry and the Auditory Imagination in Modern China' by John A. Crespi.' The China Quarterly, 202 . pp. 456-458.

Bruno, Cosima (2006) 'Unreal City. A Chinese Poet in Auckland.' The China Quarterly, 187 . pp. 810-812.

Bruno, Cosima (2005) 'Leaving the World to Enter the World: Han Shaogong and Chinese Root-Seeking Literature.' The China Quarterly, 184 . pp. 981-983.

Bruno, Cosima (2005) 'The Invention of a Discourse: Women's Poetry from Contemporary China.' The China Quarterly, 183 . pp. 719-721.

Bruno, Cosima (2003) 'Book review of 'Transpacific Displacement. Ethnography, Translation, and Intertextual Travel in Twentieth-Century American Literature' by Huang Yunte.' The China Quarterly (173). pp. 242-244.


Bruno, Cosima (2003) Contemporary Chinese Poetry in Translation. PhD thesis. SOAS, University of London. DOI:


Bruno, Cosima, trans. (2012) Translations of 3 visual poems: Chen Li's "A War Symphony", Xu Bing's "A Book from Heaven" (excerpt). Kuangye daore's "Windows". .

Bruno, Cosima, trans. (2008) "Tempo" by Liu Yichang; "Il caso Mary" and "Mirabilia dalla citta' fluttuante" by Xi Xi. Milano: Mondadori.

Bruno, Cosima and Yang, Lian, trans. (2005) Alla ricerca di una difficoltà radicale. Itinerari d'impresa. Management diritto formazione (7). Milano: Rubbettino. pp. 185-194.

Bruno, Cosima, trans. (2004) Translation into Italian of six poems by Yang Lian. Milano: Skira.

Bruno, Cosima and Ouyang, Jianghe, trans. (1999) La poesia cinese dopo 1989. In forma di parole : un'altra Cina : poeti e narratori degli anni novanta . Bologna: Associazione culturale. pp. 257-262.

Bruno, Cosima, trans. (1999) Translation into Italian of 23 contemporary Chinese poems by Yu Jian; Ouyang Jianhe; Xi Chuan; Qu Youyuan. Bologna: Associazione culturale "In forma di parole".

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