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Bellini, Chiara (2018) 'Some Pieces of the Puzzle: The Restoration of the Alchi gSum brtsegs by bKra shis rNam rgyal and Other Considerations.' Journal of Inner Asian Art and Archaeology. (Forthcoming)

Bellini, Chiara (2018) Storia dell’arte del Tibet e dei Paesi Himalayani. Torino: Einaudi. (Forthcoming)

Bellini, Chiara (2018) 'Viṣṇu Nārāyaṇa: il divino sognatore sull’oceano cosmico. Significato simbolico dell’acqua nell’arte Newar della Valle del Nepal.' In: Piegari, Donato, (ed.), Armonie d’Acqua. Florence: Carocci. (Forthcoming)

Branfoot, Crispin (2018) 'Heroic Rulers and Devoted Servants: Performing Kingship in the Tamil Temple.' In: Branfoot, Crispin, (ed.), Portraiture in South Asia since the Mughals: art, representation and history. London: I.B. Tauris, pp. 165-197.

Branfoot, Crispin (2018) 'Introduction: Portraiture in South Asia.' In: Branfoot, Crispin, (ed.), Portraiture in South Asia since the Mughals: art, representation and history. London: I.B. Tauris, pp. 1-32.


Cabos, Marine (2018) 'Creating Heritage and the Mission Paul Pelliot: Early photographs of Dunhuang and their legacy.' The Chinese Historical Review, 25 (2). pp. 97-117.

Camber, Richard and Contadini, Anna (2018) 'Presenting the Pisa Griffin and the Mari-Cha Lion.' In: Contadini, Anna, (ed.), The Pisa Griffin and the Mari-Cha Lion. Metalwork, Art, and Technology in the Medieval Islamicate Mediterranean. Pisa: Pacini Editore, pp. 19-34.

Chan, Pedith (2018) 'In Pursuit of Rhythm and Spirit Resonance: The Art of Ding Yanyong (1902-1978).' Arts of Asia, 48 (5). pp. 64-75.

Chan, Pedith (2018) 'In Search of the Southeast: Tourism, Nationalism, and Scenic Landscape in Republican China.' Twentieth Century China, 43 (3). pp. 207-231.

Chan, Pedith (2018) 'Representation of Chinese Civilisation: Exhibiting Chinese Art in Republican China.' In: MacLeod, Suzanne, Austin, Tricia, Hale, Jonathan and Ho Hing-Kay, Oscar, (eds.), The Future of Museum and Gallery Design: Purpose, Process, Perception. London: Routledge, pp. 71-85. (Museum meanings)

Corey, Pamela (2018) 'Review of: Southeast Asia in ruins: Art and empire in the early 19th century, by Sarah Tiffin. Singapore: National University of Singapore Press.' Journal of Southeast Asian Studies, 49 (2). pp. 327-328.

Corey, Pamela (2018) 'Siting the Artist’s Voice.' Art Journal, 77 (4). pp. 84-96.

Corey, Pamela (2018) 'Sung Tieu: Abstraction and the Mnemonic Image.' Unauthorised Medium, 16 Sep – 18 Nov 2018 . Amsterdam: Framer Framed.


Dovey, Lindiwe (2018) 'Towards Alternative Histories and Herstories of African Filmmaking: From Bricolage to the ‘Curatorial Turn’ in African Film Scholarship.' In: Harrow, Kenneth and Garritano, Carmela, (eds.), Companion to African Cinema. Oxford: Wiley-Blackwell. (Wiley Blackwell companions to national cinemas)


Fukunaga, Ai (2018) 'China in Japan: Steeped tea in 18th- and 19th- century Japan.' In: Hagglund, Patrick, (ed.), UNSPECIFIED The English Ceramic Circle.

Fukunaga, Ai (2018) 'Tourism and Collecting in Kyoto: The Miyako Hotel as an Agent in the Creation of the Hon. Henry Marsham Collection of Japanese Art, Maidstone Museum, Kent.' Journal for Art Market Studies, 2 (3).


Gore, Charles (2018) 'Yoruba Remixed: Wole Lagunju.' In: Yoruba Remixed Wole Lagunju. Capetown, South Africa: Ebony Gallery, pp. 2-7. (Ebony Curated)


Horlyck, Charlotte (2018) 'Arte contemporáde Corea del Sur: Una visión crítica de los principales temas y tendencias.' In: del Pilar Álvarez, Maria and Pérez Taffi, Verónica, (eds.), ¿Hallyu o Diplomacia Cultural? Corea del Sur y sus productos culturales. Buenos Aires: Universidad del Salvador, pp. 79-111.

Horlyck, Charlotte and Priewe, Sascha (2018) 'Displaying a Nation: Representations of Korean art in the UK.' In: Steuber, Jason and Peyton, Allysa B., (eds.), Arts of Korea: Histories, Challenges, and Perspectives. Gainesville, FL: University of Florida Press, pp. 90-115. (David A. Cofrin Asian Art Manuscript Series)


Khatun, Samia (2018) Australianama: The South Asian Odyssey in Australia. London: Hurst Publishers.

Kostoglou, Maria (2018) 'Iron in Iron Age Greece.' In: Antonaccio, C. and Carter, J., (eds.), The Cambridge Companion to the Greek Iron Age. New York: Cambridge University Press. (Forthcoming)

Kostoglou, Maria (2018) 'Time, memory, and innovation in Iron Age craft and production.' In: Craft and Production in the European Iron Age. Oxford: Oxbow. (Forthcoming)


Laamann, Lars (2018) 'PREFACE: In Permanent Gratitude to R. G. Tiedemann.' In: Laamann, Lars and Lee, Joseph Tse-Hei, (eds.), The Church as Safe Haven: Christian Governance in China. Brill, ix-x. (Studies in Christian Mission)

Lee, Joseph Tse-Hei and Laamann, Lars (2018) 'Christianity and Community Governance in Modern China.' In: Laamann, Lars and Lee, Joseph Tse-Hei, (eds.), The Church as Safe Haven Christian Governance in China. Brill, pp. 1-16. (Studies in Christian Mission)

Luczanits, Christian (2018) 'Revival and renaissance in Tibetan art: imagining Kashmir and Nepal in the fifteenth and seventeenth centuries.' European Bulletin of Himalayan Research, 52. pp. 93-131.

Luczanits, Christian (2018) 'Unveiling a Unique Ningma Pantheon: the Art of Gönpa Gang.' In: Harrison, John, Luczanits, Christian, Ramble, Charles and Drandul, Nyima, (eds.), A Blessing for the Land: The Architecture Art and History of a Buddhist Convent in Mustang Nepal. Kathmandu: Vajra Books, pp. 54-99.


Murphy, Stephen (2018) 'Revisiting the Bujang Valley: A Southeast Asian entrepôt complex on the maritime trade route.' Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society, 28 (2). pp. 355-389.

Murphy, Stephen A (2018) 'Introducing Angkor: Presenting Khmer civilisation to the world.' In: McCullough, Theresa, Murphy, Stephen A, Baptiste, Pierre and Zephir, Thierry, (eds.), Angkor: Exploring Cambodia’s Sacred City. Singapore: Asian Civilisations Museum, pp. 14-33.


O'Meara, Simon (2018) 'The Kaaba of New York.' In: Kruse, Christiane, Meyer, Birgit and Korte, Anne-Marie, (eds.), Taking Offense: Religion, Art, and Visual Culture in Plural Configurations. Paderborn: Fink Verlag, pp. 140-161.


Pierson, Stacey (2018) '"True Beauty of Form and Chaste Embellishment": Summer Palace Loot and Chinese Porcelain Collecting in Nineteenth-century Britain.' In: Tythacott, Louise, (ed.), Collecting and Displaying China's "Summer Palace" in the West. The Yuanmingyuan in Britain and France. Abingdon; New York: Routledge, pp. 72-86. (The Histories of Material Culture and Collecting, 1700-1950)


Redford, Scott (2018) 'Caravanserais, Roads, and Routes in Seljuk Anatolia.' In: Vandeput, L., Baird, D., Görkay, K., Haldon, J., Massa, M. and Mitchell, S., (eds.), Pathways of Communication: Routes and Roads in Anatolia from Prehistory to the Seljuk Period. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Forthcoming)

Redford, Scott (2018) 'Islamic Archaeology in Turkey.' In: Walker, B., (ed.), The Oxford Handbook of Islamic Archaeology. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (Forthcoming)

Redford, Scott (2018) 'Minaret Meets Portal in Mongol Anatolia.' In: Hillenbrand, R., (ed.), The Architecture of the Iranian World 1000-1250. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. (Forthcoming)

Redford, Scott (2018) 'One Man, Two Caravanserais.' In: Peker, A.U., (ed.), Ömür Bakırer’e Armağan/Festschrift for Ömür Bakırer. Ankara: Middle East Technical University Faculty of Architecture Press. (Forthcoming)


Sendra Fernandez, Estrella (2018) 'Displacement and the Quest for Identity in Alain Gomis’s Cinema.' Black Camera: An International Film Journal, 9 (2). pp. 360-390.

Sendra Fernandez, Estrella (2018) 'Film Review: Alain Gomis, dir. Félicité. 2017. 124 minutes.' African Studies Review., 61 (2). pp. 275-276.

Sendra Fernandez, Estrella (2018) 'Internet y Cultura Digital.' In: Benitez Eyzaguirre, Lucia and Iglesias Onofrio, Marcela, (eds.), Innovación Social y Emprendimiento en Túnez: Las Mujeres y el Uso de las Tic en el Desarrollo Local. Cadiz: Universidad de Cadiz, pp. 33-53.

Sendra Fernandez, Estrella (2018) 'Situando el cine francófono africano en Colombia: la isla de Gorée en el cine senegalés.' In: Giraldo Barreto, Marco and Rodríguez, Jenny Alexandra, (eds.), Muestra Afro. Bogotá: Cinemateca Distrital – Gerencia de Artes Audiovisuales, pp. 77-99. (Colección Catálogos Razonados)

Sendra Fernandez, Estrella and Ndour, Saliou (2018) '50th Anniversary of the Festival Mondial des Arts Nègres: A Comparative Study of the Engagement of the Population in the 1966 and 2010 Festivals.' Interventions: International Journal of Postcolonial Studies, 20 (7). pp. 965-986.

Skedzuhn, Alexandra, Oeter, Martina, Bläuer, Christine and Luczanits, Christian (2018) 'The secrets of 14th century wall painting in the Western Himalayas: Structural damage sheds light onto the painting technique in the Tsuglag-khang in Kanji in Ladakh.' In: Earth Construction & Tradition, Vol. 2. Vienna: IVA–ICRA Institute for Comparative Research in Architecture, pp. 205-222.


Tythacott, Louise (2018) 'Exhibiting and Auctioning Yuanmingyuan (“Summer Palace”) Loot in 1860s and 1870s London: The Elgin and Negroni Collections.' Journal for Art Market Studies, 2 (3). pp. 1-15.

Tythacott, Louise (2018) 'The Yuanmingyuan and its Objects.' In: Tythacott, Louise, (ed.), Collecting and Displaying China's 'Summer Palace' in the West: The Yuanmingyuan in Britain and France. Abingdon; New York, NY: Routledge, pp. 3-24.

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