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Authored Books

Abou-El-Fadl, Reem (2018) Foreign Policy as Nation Making: Turkey and Egypt in the Cold War. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (Global Middle East)

Clark, Phil (2018) Distant Justice: The Impact of the International Criminal Court on African Politics. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (African Studies)

Fell, Dafydd (2018) Government and Politics in Taiwan, Second Edition. London: Routledge. (Research on Taiwan)

Ince, Onur Ulas (2018) Colonial Capitalism and the Dilemmas of Liberalism. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Ismail, Salwa (2018) The Rule of Violence: Subjectivity, Memory and Government in Syria. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Thakur, Vineet, Mallavarapu, Siddharth, Muppidi, Himadeep and Duvall, Raymond (2018) Postscripts on Independence: Foreign Policy Ideas, Identity, and Institutions in India and South Africa. New Delhi: Oxford University Press. (Critical Global Thought)

Young, Tom (2018) Neither Devil nor Child: How Western Attitudes harm Africa. London: Oneworld.

Edited Book or Journal Volume

Maags, Christina and Svensson, Marina, eds. (2018) Chinese Heritage in the Making: Experiences, Negotiations and Contestations. Amsterdam: Amsterdam University Press. (Asian heritages)

Bhambra, Gurminder K., Nisancioglu, Kerem and Gebrial, Dalia, eds. (2018) Decolonising the University. London: Pluto Press.

MacCabe, C, Yanacek, H and Keywords Project, The, eds. (2018) Keywords for Today: A 21st Century Vocabulary. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Book Chapters

Adamson, Fiona (2018) 'The Changing Geography of Global Security.' In: Gheciu, Alexandra and Wohlforth, William C., (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of International Security. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 319-333.

Berenskoetter, Felix (2018) 'E Pluribus Unum? How Textbooks Cover Theories.' In: Gofas, Andreas, Hamati-Ataya, Inanna and Onuf, Nicholas G., (eds.), The SAGE Handbook of the History, Philosophy and Sociology of International Relations. London: SAGE, pp. 446-468.

Bhambra, Gurminder K., Gebrial, Dalia and Nisancioglu, Kerem (2018) ''Introduction'. Decolonising the University.' In: Bhambra, Gurminder K., Nisancioglu, Kerem and Gebrial, Dalia, (eds.), Decolonising the University. London: Pluto Press.

Buehler, Michael (2018) 'The Ephemeral Nature of Local Political Monopolies.' In: Hefner, Robert W., (ed.), Routledge Handbook of Contemporary Indonesia. Abingdon; New York: Routledge, pp. 106-117.

Dasgupta, Rohit K., Gupta, Sunil and Rao, Rahul (2018) 'Global Day of Rage in London: Reflecting on Queer Activisms, New Media and Friendship.' In: Banerjea, Niharika, Dasgupta, Debanuj, Dasgupta, Rohit K. and Grant, Jaime M., (eds.), Friendship as Social Justice Activism: Critical Solidarities in a Global Perspective. Kolkata: Seagull Books.

Dave, Bhavna (2018) 'Silk Road Economic Belt: Effects of China’s soft power diplomacy in Kazakhstan.' In: Lauruelle, M., (ed.), China’s Belt and Road Initiative and its Impact in Central Asia. Washington D.C.: The George Washington University Central Asia Program, pp. 97-109.

Eagleton-Pierce, Matthew (2018) 'EU Trade Policy and Civil Society.' In: Khorana, Sangeeta and Garcia, María, (eds.), Handbook on the EU and International Trade. Cheltenham: Edward Elgar Publishing, pp. 135-151.

Fell, Dafydd (2018) 'Taiwan's Political Parties in the Aftermath of the 2016 Elections.' In: Sullivan, Jonathan and Lee, Chun-Yi, (eds.), A New Era in Democratic Taiwan Trajectories and Turning Points in Politics and Cross-Strait Relations. Abingdon; New York: Routledge. (Routledge Research on Taiwan Series)

Getmansky, Anna, Sinmazdemir, Tolga and Zeitzoff, Thomas (2018) 'Who Welcomes Refugees to the Public Purse? Evidence from a Survey in Turkey.' In: Social Policy in the Middle East and North Africa. Harvard: Project on Middle East Political Science (POMEPS), pp. 18-24.

Hopgood, Stephen (2018) 'Human Rights in the Real World.' In: Brown, Chris and Eckersley, Robyn, (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of International Political Theory. Oxford: Oxford University Press, pp. 304-316.

Hopgood, Stephen (2018) 'Human Rights on the Road to Nowhere.' In: Hopgood, Stephen, Snyder, Jack and Vinjamuri, Leslie, (eds.), Human Rights Futures. Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, pp. 283-310.

Khalili, Laleh (2018) 'Foreword.' In: Sekula, Allan, (ed.), Fish Story. London: Mack Books, ii-ix.

Maags, Christina (2018) 'Creating a Race to the Top: Hierarchies and Competition within the Chinese ICH Transmitters System.' In: Maags, Christina and Svensson, Marina, (eds.), Chinese Cultural Heritage in the Making: Experiences, Negotiations and Contestations. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amsterdam University Press, pp. 121-144. (Asian Heritages)

Maags, Christina (2018) 'Cultural Contestation in China: Ethnicity, Identity and the State.' In: Rodenberg, Jeroen and Wagenaar, Pieter, (eds.), Cultural Contestation. Heritage, Identity and the Role of Government. Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan, pp. 13-36. (Palgrave Studies in Cultural Heritage and Conflict)

Maags, Christina and Trifu, Ioan (2018) 'Protecting the Weak? Tracing UNESCO’s Influence on Intangible Cultural Heritage Regimes in Japan and China.' In: Amelung, Iwo, Bälz, Moritz, Holbig, Heike, Schumann, Matthias and Storz, Cornelia, (eds.), Protecting the Weak in East Asia. Abingdon; New York: Routledge, pp. 224-253. (Routledge Contemporary Asia Series)

Salam, Dara (2018) 'Disambiguating the Idea of Public Sphere and Secularism in the Middle East.' In: Haddad, Tania and Al Hindy, Elie, (eds.), Religion and Civil Society in the Arab World: In the Vortex of Globalization and Tradition. London: Routledge India.

Svensson, Marina and Maags, Christina (2018) 'Mapping the Chinese Heritage Regime: Ruptures, Governmentality, and Agency.' In: Maags, Christina and Svensson, Marina, (eds.), Chinese Cultural Heritage in the Making: Experiences, Negotiations and Contestations. Amsterdam, Netherlands: Amsterdam University Press, pp. 11-38. (Asian Heritages)

Vinjamuri, Leslie (2018) 'The Future of International Security Norms.' In: Wohlforth, William C. and Gheciu, Alexandra, (eds.), The Oxford Handbook of International Security. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (The Oxford handbooks of international relations)

Journal Article

Abou-El-Fadl, Reem, James, Leslie, Leow, Rachel, Lewis, Su Lin, McCann, Gerard and Stolte, Carolien (2018) 'Manifesto: Networks of Decolonization in Asia and Africa.' Radical History Review, 131. pp. 176-182.

Adib-Moghaddam, Arshin (2018) 'Iran And The World After Rouhani.' JETRO-IDE Middle East Review = 中東レビュー, 5. pp. 49-56.

Ali, Nadya and Whitham, Ben (2018) 'The unbearable anxiety of being: Ideological fantasies of British Muslims beyond the politics of security.' Security Dialogue, 49 (5). pp. 400-417.

Anievas, Alexander and Nisancioglu, Kerem (2018) 'Lineages of Capital.' Historical Materialism, 26 (3). pp. 167-196.

Artaud de La Ferrière, Alexis (2018) 'Chrétiens d’Orient. 2000 ans d’histoire à l’Institut du monde arabe.' Esprit, 1 (Jan). pp. 157-160.

Artaud de La Ferrière, Alexis (2018) 'Décomposition nationale et espoir universel : Le syndicalisme et le catholicisme en France face à la figure du migrant.' Tumultes, 50.

Artaud de La Ferrière, Alexis (2018) 'Somewhere between love and justice: a Roman Catholic church in Paris responds to the European migration crisis.' International Journal of Politics, Culture, and Society, 31 (4). pp. 397-417.

Bajpai, Rochana and Farooqui, Adnan (2018) 'Non-extremist Outbidding: Muslim Leadership in Majoritarian India.' Nationalism and Ethnic Politics, 24 (3). pp. 276-298.

Berenskoetter, Felix (2018) 'Deep Theorizing in International Relations.' European Journal of International Relations, 24 (4). pp. 814-840.

Chan, Stephen (2018) 'No More “Local” Insurrection or Terrorism: The Dark Side of the Cobweb.' Global Society, 32 (2). pp. 149-161.

Chan, Stephen (2018) 'The Problematic Non-Western Cosmopolitanism in Africa Today: Grappling With a Modernity outside History.' Human Affairs: Postdisciplinary Humanities and Social Sciences Quarterly, 28 (4). pp. 351-366.

Chua, Charmaine, Danyluk, Martin, Cowen, Deborah and Khalili, Laleh (2018) 'Introduction: Turbulent Circulation: Building a Critical Engagement with Logistics.' Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 36 (4). pp. 617-629.

Degli Esposti, Emanuelle (2018) 'Fragmented realities: The ‘sectarianisation’of space among Iraqi Shias in London.' Contemporary Islam, 13. pp. 259-285.

Eagleton-Pierce, Matthew (2018) 'Professionalizing Protest: Scientific Capital and Advocacy in Trade Politics.' International Political Sociology, 12 (3). pp. 233-255.

El-Kazaz, Sarah (2018) 'Building "Community" and Markets in Contemporary Cairo.' Comparative Studies in Society and History, 60 (2). pp. 476-505.

Fabbe, Kristin and Sinmazdemir, Tolga (2018) 'Syrian Refugees in Turkey and the Politics of Postconflict Reconciliation.' Review of Middle East Studies, 52 (2). pp. 249-262.

Fell, Dafydd (2018) 'FORUM: The State of the Field of Global Taiwan Studies Institutions: A Time for Optimism or Pessimism.' International Journal of Taiwan Studies, 1 (2). pp. 371-394.

Fell, Dafydd and Hsiao, Hsin-huang Michael (2018) 'Introduction: The State of the Field of Taiwan Studies.' International Journal of Taiwan Studies, 1 (1). pp. 5-10.

Gallagher, Julia (2018) 'Misrecognition in the making of a state: Ghana’s international relations under Kwame Nkrumah.' Review of International Studies, 44 (5). pp. 882-901.

Gallagher, Julia (2018) 'Zimbabwe’s consolidation as a gatekeeper state.' Third World Thematics: A TWQ Journal, 3 (3). pp. 439-454.

Getmansky, Anna and Sinmazdemir, Tolga (2018) 'Settling on Violence: Expansion of Israeli Outposts in the West Bank in Response to Terrorism.' Studies in Conflict and Terrorism, 41 (3). pp. 241-259.

Getmansky, Anna, Sinmazdemir, Tolga and Zeitzoff, Thomas (2018) 'Refugees, Xenophobia, and Domestic Conflict: Evidence from a Survey Experiment in Turkey.' Journal of Peace Research, 55 (4). pp. 491-507.

Harris, David and Vittorini, Simona (2018) 'Taking ‘development cooperation’ and South-South discourse seriously: Indian claims and Ghanaian responses.' Commonwealth and Comparative Politics, 56 (3). pp. 360-378.

Ince, Onur Ulas (2018) 'Between Commerce and Empire: David Hume, Colonial Slavery, and Commercial Incivility.' History of Political Thought, 39 (1). pp. 107-137.

Ince, Onur Ulas (2018) 'Between Equal Rights: Primitive Accumulation and Capital’s Violence.' Political Theory, 46 (6). pp. 885-914.

Khalili, Laleh (2018) 'The infrastructural power of the military: The geoeconomic role of the US Army Corps of Engineers in the Arabian Peninsula.' European Journal of International Relations, 24 (4). pp. 911-933.

Kotef, Hagar (2018) 'Fragments.' Critical Inquiry, 44 (2). pp. 343-349.

Kotef, Hagar and Amir, Merav (2018) 'In-Secure Identities: on the Securitization of Abnormality.' Environment and Planning D: Society and Space, 36 (2). pp. 236-254.

Lenner, Katharina and Turner, Lewis (2018) 'Learning from the Jordan Compact.' Forced Migration Review, 57. pp. 48-51.

Nelson, Matthew J. (2018) 'Indian Basic Structure Jurisprudence in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan: Reconfiguring the Constitutional Politics of Religion.' Asian Journal of Comparative Law, 13 (2). pp. 333-357.

Nelson, Matthew J. and Shah, Dian A. H. (2018) 'Operationalizing and Regulating Religious Freedom: Apostasy and Administrative "Reasonableness" in Malaysia and Beyond.' International Journal of Constitutional Law, 16 (4). pp. 1293-1321.

Ramgotra, Manjeet (2018) 'Post-Colonial Republicanism and the Revival of a Paradigm.' The Good Society, 26 (1). pp. 34-54.

Rao, Rahul (2018) 'Review Article: One Time, Many Times.' Millennium: Journal of International Studies, 47 (2). pp. 299-308.

Rao, Rahul (2018) 'The State of 'Queer IR'.' GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies, 24 (1). pp. 139-149.

Surak, Kristin (2018) 'MTMJ ―日本らしさと茶道.' MTMJ ―日本らしさと茶道.

Surak, Kristin (2018) 'Migration Industries and the State: Guestwork Programs in East Asia.' International Migration Review, 52 (2). pp. 487-523.

Whitham, Ben (2018) 'Thinking the ‘Culture Wars’ and the Present Political Crisis with the Young Marx (and Friends).' tripleC: Communication, Capitalism and Critique. Open Access Journal for a Global Sustainable Information Society, 16 (2). pp. 707-716.

Witt, Michael A., Kabbach de Castro, Luiz Ricardo, Amaeshi, Kenneth, Mahroum, Sami, Bohle, Dorothee and Saez, Lawrence (2018) 'Mapping the business systems of 61 major economies: a taxonomy and implications for varieties of capitalism and business systems research.' Socio-Economic Review, 16 (1). pp. 5-38.

Zhou, Hang (2018) 'China’s Balancing Act in the Western Sahara Conflict.' Africana Studia, 29. pp. 145-156.

Ziadah, Rafeef (2018) 'Transport Infrastructure and Logistics in the making of Dubai Inc.' International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, 42 (2). pp. 182-197.

Conference or Workshop Items

Alavi, Seyed Ali (2018) Sustainable Stability in Europe and Changing Equilibrium in the Middle East, Turkish Policies. In: Turkish Foreign Policy in The Middle East and Europe, October 2018.

Monographs and Working Papers

Craven, Catherine Ruth (2018) Thinking About Governance Through Diasporas: Decentering the State and Challenging the External/Internal Binary. Berlin: SFB-Governance Working Paper Series; No. 76.

Hang, Zhou (2018) China-Britain-Uganda: Trilateral Development Cooperation in Agriculture. Working Paper No. 2018/20. China Africa Research Initiative, School of Advanced International Studies: Johns Hopkins University, Washington, DC.

Hemmings, John, Pacheco Pardo, Ramon and Kong, Tat Yan (2018) Negotiating the Peace: Diplomacy on the Korean Peninsula. London: Henry Jackson Society.

Heubaum, Harald, Jackson, Felicia, Buehler, Michael, Adib-Moghaddam, Arshin and Sadriu, Behar (2018) The Protracted Geo-economics of Energy. London: Background Paper for the 2020 World Bank report Building For Peace: Reconstruction for Security, Sustainable Peace and Equity in MENA. Washington, DC: World Bank.

Book Reviews

Berenskoetter, Felix (2018) 'Book review of Richard Ned Lebow: National identities and international relations (Cambridge University Press, 2016).' Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 30 (5-6). pp. 577-580.

Buehler, Michael (2018) 'Review of David Kloos. 2017. Becoming better Muslims: Religious authority and ethical improvement in Aceh, Indonesia. Princeton, NJ, Princeton University Press.' Politics, Religion and Ideology, 19 (3). pp. 421-422.

Buehler, Michael (2018) 'Review of Kanchan Chandra, Ed., 2016. Democratic Dynasties: State, Party and Family in Contemporary Indian Politics. New York City: Cambridge University Press.' ASEASUK Newsletter .

Buehler, Michael (2018) 'Review of Winn, Patrick. Hello, Shadowlands: Inside the Meth Fiefdoms, Rebel Hideouts and Bomb-scarred Party Towns of Southeast Asia. London: Icon Books.' New Mandala : New Perspectives on Southeast Asia .

Ince, Onur Ulas (2018) 'Or Rosenboim : The Emergence of Globalism: Visions of World Order in Britain and the United States, 1939–1950 (Princeton University Press, 2017).' Perspectives on Politics, 16 (2). pp. 78-79.

Ince, Onur Ulas (2018) 'Political Economy and Edmund Burke’s (Il)Liberal Logic of Empire.' Political Science Reviewer, 42 (1). pp. 254-259.

Ince, Onur Ulas (2018) 'Review of: Duncan Bell : Reordering the world: essays on liberalism and empire (Cambridge University Press, 2016).' Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 30 (5/6). pp. 580-583.

Sinmazdemir, Tolga (2018) 'Review of States in Disguise: Causes of State Support for Rebel Groups by Belgin San-Akca.' Review of Middle East Studies, 52 (2). pp. 426-428.

Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs

Alavi, Seyed Ali (2018) Is Iraq entering an era of post-sectarianism? openDemocracy [Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs]

Alavi, Seyed Ali (2018) Who is the winner in post-ISIS Syria? openDemocracy [Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs]

Amoah, Michael (2018) Economic and Business Impact of Cyril Ramaphosa. BBC World Business Report [Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs]

Amoah, Michael (2018) Will DRC President Joseph Kabila step down? DR Congo: Wil Kabila step down? [Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs]

Fell, Dafydd (2018) How Liberal is Taiwan? Adultery, the Death Penalty and Marriage Equality. Taiwan Sentinel [Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs]

Fell, Dafydd (2018) The New Battle for the Third Place in 2018: A Breakthrough but also a Missed Opportunity. Asia Dialogue [Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs]

Hemmings, John, Kong, Tat Yan and Pacheco Pardo, Ramon (2018) Achieving Peace on the Korean Peninsula. The Diplomat [Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs]

Kong, Tat Yan (2018) Rear Vision - The summit of the century: the relationship between North Korea and the US. ABC [Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs]

Sabaratnam, Meera (2018) On Situatedness, Knowledges and Absences: A Response to the Symposium on Decolonising Intervention. The Disorder Of Things [Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs]

Wearing, David (2018) Gulf petrodollars are a destructive addiction – the UK must kick the habit. The Guardian [Opinion Pieces / Media / Blogs]


Berenskoetter, Felix (2018) 'Do We Still Need "the West"?' American Institute of Contemporary German Studies (AICGS).

Buehler, Michael (2018) 'Desperation in the Indonesian diaspora.' new mandala (online) (17 Apr).

Buehler, Michael (2018) 'Dynamism beats dynasties in Indonesia’s local elections.' East Asia Forum: Dynamism beats dynasties in Indonesia’s local elections . pp. 1-4.

Buehler, Michael (2018) 'The fault lines between rich and poor inLombok quake: Notes from a research trip interrupted by Indonesia’s most deadly earthquake in years.' New Mandala . Canberra:

Fell, Dafydd (2018) '從愛到恨, 我對台灣婚紗, 一直有複雜感情.'

Fell, Dafydd (2018) '26年前的情書 我們之間的愛情考古學.' In: 26年前的情書 我們之間的愛情考古學. Womany .

Fell, Dafydd (2018) 'Can the KMT Reinvent Itself? Lessons From the Past.' Taiwan Sentinel (May 9).

Fell, Dafydd (2018) 'Cycles of Optimism and Pessimism in Taiwan.' Taiwan Sentinel (22 Jan).

Fell, Dafydd (2018) 'The Politics of Railway Relocation in Taiwan: Democracy versus the Environment.' Taiwan Sentinel (12 Feb).

Fell, Dafydd (2018) 'Prospects for Taiwan’s 2018 Local Elections.' Taiwan Sentinel (Apr 30).

Fell, Dafydd (2018) 'Sex, Primaries and Electoral Systems in Taiwan.' Taiwan Sentinel (5 Feb).

Kobayashi, Yuka (2018) 'US-China trade: China is building bridges with the world while the US puts up walls.' The Conversation (10 July).

Rao, Rahul (2018) 'Maiming, debility and the proliferation of the 'pariah'.' The Disorder of Things .

Rao, Rahul (2018) 'This House Believes Britain Should Be Ashamed Of Churchill.' The Disorder of Things (May 26).

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