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Behrens-Abouseif, Doris (2001) The Family mausoleum of Muhammad Ali: Hawsh al-Basha. In: The International Symposium of Ottoman Heritage in the Middle East, 2001, Hatay/Ankara.

Behrens-Abouseif, Doris (2001) 'An Italian Architect in Cairo: A portrait of Vittorio Del Burgo.' In: Volait, M, (ed.), Le Caire, Alexandrie, architectures européennes. 1850-1950. Cairo: CEDEJ/IFAO, pp. 193-202.

Behrens-Abouseif, Doris (2001) 'Une Polémique Anti-Ottomane par un Artisan au Caire du XVIIe Siècle.' In: Marino, Brigitte, (ed.), Etudes sur les villes du Proche-Orient : XVIe-XIXe siècle : hommage à André Raymond. Damas: Institut français d'études arabes de Damas, pp. 45-53.

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McCausland, Shane, ed. (2001) The Admonitions of the Instructress to the Court Ladies picture-scroll by Hironobu Kohara. London: School of Oriental and African Studies. (Percival David Foundation of Chinese Art. Occasional Papers, 1)


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McCausland, Shane (2001) 'The Admonitions scroll: ideals of etiquette, art & empire from early China.' Orientations, 32 (6). pp. 22-29.

McCausland, Shane (2001) 'The Emperor’s Old Toys: rethinking the Yongzheng (1723-35) "Scroll of Antiquities" in the Percival David Foundation.' Transactions of the Oriental Ceramic Society (66). pp. 65-75.

Moore, Elizabeth (2001) UNESCO SubRegional Global Strategy Meeting for Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage and Periodic Monitoring of World Cultural Heritage Sites - World Heritage Tentative Lists, SouthEast Asia. In: UNESCO Sub-Regional Global Strategy Meeting for Southeast Asian Cultural Heritage and Periodic Monitoring of World Cultural Heritage Sites, Paris, UNESCO. (Submitted)

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Screech, Timon (2001) 'The visual legacy of Dodonaeus in botanical and Human Categorisation.' In: F, W and Kasaya, K, (eds.), Dodonaeus in Japan: Translation and the Scientific Mind in Tokugawa Japan. Leuven University Press (Belgium), pp. 219-240.


Thompson, Ashley (2001) An Oblique View of the Bayon. In: Fifth International Symposium on the Preservation of Bayon, 2000, Phnom Penh.

Tribe, Tania (2001) ''Popular Culture and the Arts of Twentieth-Century Brazil', and 'Brazilians and their Art'.' In: Tribe, Tania, (ed.), Heroes and Artists: Popular Art and the Brazilian Imagination. Cambridge, 9-41 & 72.

Tythacott, Louise (2001) 'From the ‘fetish’ to the ‘specimen’: the Ridyard African collection at the Liverpool Museum 1895-1916.' In: Collectors: expressions of self and other. London: Horniman Museum, pp. 157-179.


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Wang, Tao (2001) 'China�s 'Dead Sea scrolls'.' Archaeology. pp. 62-63.

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Yang, Chia-Ling (2001) 'The Influence of the Ming and Qing Book Illustrations on Ren Bonian's Early Work (1865~1878).' In: Studies on Shanghai Painting School. Shanghai: Calligraphy and Painting Press, pp. 229-244.

Yang, Chia-Ling (2001) Plant a Hope: 50 Philosophical Stories in Response to Master Xuan-Kong's Teaching. 2 vols. Taipei: Xingtiangong Cultural & Educational Foundation Press.

Yang, Chia-Ling (2001) 'Review of the International Conference 'Admonitions Scroll―Ideas of Etiquette, Art and Empire from Early China' at the British Museum.' Dian Cang, 107. pp. 104-109.

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