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About SOAS Research Online

SOAS Research Online is a free, publicly accessible repository of the research outputs of SOAS, University of London. The repository contains both full text papers and metadata only (descriptive) records of research carried out by SOAS staff members. Full text materials will be made available where copyright allows otherwise the reference details can be deposited and a link to the online location of the research paper will be included (if available).

SOAS staff members only may add research materials to the repository. If you are a SOAS staff member please login using your SOAS staff ID and password to start uploading your research. If you are a member of staff at SOAS but you do not have a valid login, please contact the Repository Administrator lib-eprints@soas.ac.uk.

The majority of journal publishers retain copyright of the publisher-produced PDF through the copyright transfer agreement. However most publishers have now updated their copyright policies to allow the final draft version of a paper to be held on open access repositories. The SHERPA/ROMEO site provides an updated and easily accessible list of publisher's copyright policies. SOAS researchers are encouraged to keep their final draft of publication as they may be able to add this version to the repository. The repository is easy to use and there are several options to store the full text of your research without making it publicly available.

What are the benefits for researchers of depositing research publications?

  • Wider access:
    • Your research will be available free of charge to researchers on a worldwide basis who do not have easy access to subscription journals.
    • Your research will be indexed on Google and will be visible to many more users.
  • Impact: More users will integrate and cite research from SOAS.
  • Funding body compliance: Research funding bodies are advocating the use of institutional repositories to improve access to research.
  • Organisation: Researchers and administrators at SOAS and in the wider academic community will be able be able to find, use, and track your research effectively.
  • Preservation: Your research papers are managed, stored and backed up centrally.
  • Statistics: You will be able to find out how many times your research has been downloaded.


For help uploading materials & copyright please read the Deposit Guide
For more information on SOAS Research Online please see About & Policies
For all other queries and to arrange training please contact the Repository Support Officer lib-eprints@soas.ac.uk