10:00 - 10:20

Registration & Coffee

Register and mingle with presenters and guests over a cup of coffee in LG 1.

Any bags or coats can be left in the cloakroom in LG 2.


Opening Remarks

Opening Remarks by the Director of Graduate Studies at the Centre for Commercial Law Studies, QMUL in LG 1.


Panel 7

Human Rights Across Borders

Chair: Matthew Evans, Director of Legal Advice Centre, QMU

Room LG 1

Jessica Shurson, PhD Candidate, QMUL - Revisiting The Alien Tort Statute: Promoting Human Rights through Universal Civil Jurisdiction

Liam Halewood, PhD Candidate, Liverpool John Moores University - Extraterritorial Applicability of the Right to Life: A Comparative Analysis of ‘Jurisdiction’ under the ECHR and the ICCPR

Nabilah Hani Ahmad Zubaidi, PhD Candidate, Aberystwyth University - Online Child Pornography, Grooming, and Cybersex: Exploring Parallels in the Phenomena

Panel 8

EU Law

Chair: Angelos Dimopoulos, Senior Lecturer in Law, QMUL.

Room 1.2.

Giulia Gentile, PhD Candidate, King’s College London - Silver-lining in the EU (Rule of Law): The ECJ as a Watchdog of Democratic Values

Giulia Priora, PhD Candidate, Central European University - Catching Sight of a Glimmer of Light: The Emergence of a Distributive Narrative in the EU Copyright Reform Process

Rachel Alkalay, PhD Candidate, QMUL - A New Balance for a New Age and Article 13 of the New EU Copyright Directive

Panel 9

Contract/Commercial 2

Chair: Christina Perry, Reader in Law, QMUL

Room 2.1.

Adekemi Adebowale, PhD Candidate, Bangor University - The Pre-contractual Duty of Utmost Good Faith - An Unjustified Burden on the Insured

Mustafa Oguz Tuna, PhD Candidate, University of Dundee - Use of ADR in Energy Investment Disputes


Lunch & Poster Exhibition

View this year’s selected posters highlighting our theme, “Silver Linings”.

Rooms 3.1 & 2.1.


Panel 10

Constitutionalism, Justice and the Rule of Law 2

Chair: Caroline Morris, Senior Lecturer, QMUL

Room LG 1

Md. Abdur Razzak, LLM Student, University of Leeds - Access to Justice for Persons with Disabilities in Bangladesh: Reflections on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Sarah Court-Brown, PhD Candidate, QMUL - Common Law Constitutionalism in the UKSC’s Recent Adjudication - A Silver Lining for the Brexit Process

Fitria Fitria, PhD Candidate, University of York - Legal Pluralism in Refugee Protection: Case Study of ‘the 2015 Rohingya Refugee Crisis’ in Aceh

Panel 11


Chair: Mary Mitsi, Research & Teaching Fellow, QMUL.

Room 1.2.

Fikayo Taiwo, PhD Candidate, University of Essex - Liberal and Restrictive Approaches to Legal Representation in Arbitration Proceedings: A Case of the Unintended Consequences of Nigeria’s Arbitration Rules

Rahmi Kopar, PhD Candidate, University of Dundee - Expanding Scope of the Legitimate Expectations Principle in Investment Treaty Arbitration: An Analysis in Light of Recent Spanish Awards

Iyllyana Che Rosli, PhD Candidate, University of Sussex - The Challenges in Maintaining the Harmonisation Standards of the New York Convention 1958

Stanislava Nedeva, PhD Candidate, University of Exeter - Have Faith in Good Faith: The Place of the Concept in Traditional English Common Law, “Modern” Common Law, and International Law and Arbitration: An Oil and Gas Perspective

Panel 12

Human Rights Law 2

Chair: Richard Ashcroft, Professor of Bioethics, QMUL

Room 2.1

Aastha Agnihotri, LLM Student, Queen Mary University of London Interlinking Organ Scarcity and Human Rights: What Lessons Can India Learn?

Terry McGuinness, PhD Candidate, University College London Utilising Fatal Facts: The Coroner’s Role in Saving Lives

Clara López, PhD Candidate, King’s College London Mining and FPIC in Peru: Enhancing the Effectiveness of Indigenous Peoples’ Rights in the Light of International Human Rights Law


Coffee Break & Poster Exhibition (Voting)

A chance to refresh with a cup of coffee and light snack, and vote for the best poster.


Soapbox Session

The term soapbox refers to a situation where someone expresses strong opinions about a particular subject.

For this reason participants will present their research in an engaging manner to the audience, focusing on the more controversial/opinionated parts of their research in 5 minutes!

This session of the conference is usually quite lively, so they better be prepared to defend their opinion!

Lecture Theatre

Marie Cariou-Velly, PhD Candidate, Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne - Tax and Gender: Encouraging Women’s Paid Employment through Tax Measures, A Silver Lining of Gender bias?

James Greenwood-Reeves, PhD Candidate, University of Leeds - Constitutional Grounds of Disobedience: How Liberal Democracies Give Protesters the Moral Grounds to Disobey Laws

Felicity Turton, PhD Candidate, QMUL - Dealing with Data in EU Competition Law

Riccardo Fornasari, PhD Candidate, University of Bologna; University of Paris Nanterre - The Effects of European Union Political Economy over the Current Contract Law Developments

Zi Yang, PhD Candidate, University of Strathclyde - True and Fair Override Fails to Prevent the Abuse of OffBalance Sheet Accounting within the Companies Act 2006 Information Disclosure System

Anne-Claire Bernard-Tomasi, PhD Candidate, University of Westminster - The Corporation, Corporate Legal Rights and Privacy Law: The Question of the Legal Protection of Privacy in the Corporate Context in the United Kingdom and the United States

Naheed Sultan, PhD Candidate, Aberystwyth University - Corporate Governance: Comparative Approach Limitations

Chufan Yang, PhD Candidate, Bangor University - Regulatory Decision Making and Economic Analysis in the EU Procurement Debriefing

Marcio Augusto Campos, PhD Candidate, University Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne; University of Brasilia - Internationalising International Tax Law: Existential Crisis and Silver Linings


Keynote Speech & Closing Remarks

Renowned QC, Amanda Weston, will conclude the Silver Linings QMUL Postgraduate Law Conference.

Conference Organising Committee will announce the winners of the Poster competition.

Lecture Theatre


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